Your Perfect Winter Wedding Outfit

At Little Miss Wedding, we focus mainly on the bride and groom, but every now and again, we put together a post that is aimed squarely at the wedding guests.

We do this because we know that our readers like these articles, which is not surprising when you consider that everyone attends weddings as a guest at some point in their lives, including our readers. Today’s article is all about buying a good wedding outfit for a winter wedding.


Staying warm and dry

There is no point in buying a wedding outfit that looks fantastic when you try it on in the shop, but leaves you feeling cold while you are stood outside waiting for the bride and groom to finish with the photographer. Any outfit that you buy for a winter wedding has to keep you dry and warm.

However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to wear a long-sleeved dress. You can easily wear a short-sleeved one with a jacket or crocheted cardigan or shawl over the top to keep you warm.

Once you get to the reception, you can strip away the outer layers to reveal the full beauty of your outfit. Another option is to treat yourself to a pair of elegant long gloves, and wear them to cover most of your arms when it is a bit nippy. Of course, this look is not for everyone, but if you are bold enough, it is actually a fun and classy way to stay warm enough.

If you are attending an autumn, winter or spring wedding you should always have access to a brolly, or some sort of waterproof. Looking silly for a few minutes in a light see through roll up Mac is infinitely better than getting soaked, and having to suffer through the reception in damp clothes with your hair sticking out every which way because it got wet.


That brings us nicely to another point, versatility. Given that you cannot be sure until the morning of the wedding, what the weather is going to do it makes sense to consider buying separates for a winter wedding.

Doing so gives you the option to wear a lightweight top with your chosen skirt if the weather turns out to be nice. Whereas, if you buy a heavy jersey dress for the wedding, and it turns out to be a warm rather than a cool day you are stuck. You have no choice but to wear it, and suffer from being too hot.

Looking good

Of course, looking good has to be on your list of priorities. There is nothing worse than having to wear a wedding outfit that you do not particularly like because you left it too late to shop around and find an outfit that is100% right for you. If you know that a particular style suits you, ordering online is by far the best and fastest way to get exactly what you want. You get a lot more choice than you would on the High Street, and can shop around to find the best deal. However, you need to order well in advance especially around Black Friday and just before Christmas and the New Year when retailers get flooded with orders.