Words You Never Want to Hear

There are certain terms that you only ever need when you are in trouble. Car insurance, defence attorney and data recovery specialist are all prime examples. You never think you’ll need them and you really hope you’ll never come across them, but sometimes all the pieces fall into place and you just so happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

pexels-photo-196655If you have ever had a broken USB stick, a corrupted file, a camera memory card which instantly loses all of your wedding pictures or even just a computer which simply will not turn on, then you would have searched the Internet for a data recovery specialist. You’d have looked in vain for a way to get all of your files back.

You know you need help and you know that you can not handle this issue yourself. First thing you have got to do is to stay calm and not to panic. There are teams of professional people, who spend their entire working lives bringing files and photos back from the dead. And they are very good at it. They can find your data on the most corrupted of files.

The really worrying thing for all computer users, is that we are only ever one step away from needing the help of a data recovery specialist. That one wrong click of a mouse which eradicates years of hard work, hundreds of your wedding photos and a horde of great memories.

Accidentally deleting a folder is not uncommon, the mouse slips, a stray keys press and you probably don’t even know you have moved your most valuable files to the Recycling Bin. They can then sit in there for weeks, months or even years without too much damage.

You haven’t lost them just yet, they are still easily retrievable, the problem happens when you don’t know they are in there and you then clean up your storage and you finally empty your recycle bin.

You can literally watch your photos disappearing before your eyes. You didn’t mean to and yet it’s happening and there is nothing you can do about it.

Once they have gone from the recycle bin, they are gone from your computer. You can’t simply undo emptying your recycle bin. The recycle bin was already your only chance to not delete the files.

Luckily, the way a computer works, it means that nothing is ever really deleted. The files and the data are all still in the storage, but just not available for you to find. It’s like the sign posts have been removed and replaced by a deleted sign. The computer knows you don’t want the files and assigns this space to be used the next time you save anything to the memory.

This means that if you have mistakenly deleted anything, stop saving any news files. Shut down your computer, get hold of a data recovery specialist and let them find your files.

It gives them the best chance of being able to save your memories and important files. Good Luck!