Why Should You Have Your Wedding In Bali?

Most people have heard of the paradise island of Bali. For many years it has been a top destination for holidaymakers and couples in search of romance. The movie ‘Eat Pray, Love’ in 2010 starring Julia Roberts catapulted Bali as a top destination to celebrate or find romance. The movie showcases some of Bali’s charm but to really soak up the magical ambience, first hand experience is a must. Bali is a beautiful island offering locations, accommodation and experiences to suit every couple. Inland, visitors can revel in the lush green rice paddy terraces as far as the eye can see, and enjoy fresh rivers flanked by stunning forests abundant with flora and fauna. Along the coastlines around the island visitors will find a wonderful blend of powdery white sand beaches, jagged cliff edges and volcanic rock beaches.

bali-1870753_640Bali as a romantic paradise

The whole island simply oozes romance, which is why it is such a paradise location for newlyweds and those who wish to enjoy the perfect tropical wedding or renewal of vows. The selection of wedding venues is endless. Couples can opt for the more traditional chapel or hotel style wedding, private luxury villa weddings or even ceremonies on a boat, under a waterfall or in the middle of tropical jungle. There are reams of hotels and wedding planners offering the ‘perfect’ wedding package, it can be overwhelming searching through all of the options available. Many of these agencies offer typical package style experiences in hotels where there is little flexibility and each ceremony is a carbon copy of the last. You can also easily find agencies trying to push wedding ceremonies on crowded beaches in Seminyak or Kuta where crowds of tourists inadvertently become peripheral guests at your wedding. A wedding or renewal of vows is so precious and it is vital to ensure that you partner with the right professionals to make it happen exactly the way you envisioned it on your mind. If you seek out truly reliable, trusted, professional and experienced wedding agencies then the shortlist of options becomes much smaller and significantly more manageable.

wedding-1770860_640Choosing the right wedding planner

The first step in your search for a good quality wedding planner is to check legalities. You could narrow down your shortlist to a decent top 5 or 10 with this simple check. The member directory of the www.baliweddingassociation.com gives you a good idea of who is legally registered. Why is it so important to check that the company is legal? Well, immigration laws can be very strict in Bali and the last thing you want on your big day is a team of immigration officials detaining your wedding staff! Once you create your shortlist you can then browse through the company reviews on their website and on social media. Make sure the reviews are authentic and once you start liaising with your shortlist don’t be afraid to ask for more information and any legal papers to prove that they are a legitimate company. The Seven Agency is a good example of a fully legal and legitimate professional wedding agency, they have hundreds of genuine reviews which makes it easy to check whether this would be the right type of wedding partner for you. Check out their website on https://7.agency/. It is useful to monitor how quickly your shortlist of wedding agencies reply to your initial queries. Prompt and professional replies usually reflects the level of service you would expect to receive. A company like The Seven Agency will have access to top quality professional venues and vendors and amazingly will get much better prices than a couple going direct. Of course the best agencies will pass this benefit onto the customers. They can also help you to save on costs by tailoring an individual package with only the components you need. One big watch out is hidden costs, it is worth checking up front what extras or taxes are charged because you don’t want to get stung with unexpected costs at the end.

pexels-photo-169198Planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting and fun times of your life. Most people find it stressful but if you use the right agency it can be truly magical. It is important to make sure you connect well with the person managing your event so that they are able to understand what you want and help to make your special day full of joy and romance, exactly the way you want.


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