What You Should Know Before Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Getting an engagement ring for the all-important date with destiny can be a daunting task especially if you are not well-versed in the types of rings available for selection. If you might be stranded with no idea of what to get or where to get it, pay close attention to the following points of consideration.


Image by whiterabbitstudio via Flickr

  1. Insure It
    Your engagement ring, just like your car or house, is a precious gift that must be protected at all times. You can have your ring insured by getting in touch with your insurance agent. This, of course, will increase the cost of your plan but it will be worth it in the long run.
  2. Consider the 4Cs
    Before purchasing your preferred engagement ring, always consider the four Cs of diamonds namely cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Though many people brag about the carat of the diamonds, the cut of the diamond is usually the most crucial aspect. The notion behind this is based on the fact that the cut of the ring will determine the sparkling nature of the ring, unlike the carat. The colour of the ring is its clearness while the clarity refers to the imperfections that the stone may possess.
  3. The Style of the Ring
    The style of an engagement ring usually depends on two aspects namely the ring design and the nature of the stone to be set in the ring. There are different ring settings, some having single to multiple stones. The design of the ring itself can either be simple or unique depending on your preference.
  4. Numerous Carats Equals High Cost
    The higher the carats, the more expensive the ring will turn out to be. As a point of advice, choose a ring that only has a few diamonds and with a lesser carat. This type of ring will still offer the glitter or sparkle your loved one may like but at a pocket-friendly price. However, if your pockets are well-off, settling for a ring with a higher carat should be a good option.
  5. Shape of the Diamond
    The shape of the diamond is another great aspect that must be considered. In most cases, diamonds can be oval, round, rectangular, and square. The round shaped diamond is usually the most popular choice largely due to the fact that it can be optimized to appear shinier since the round nature of the diamond can reflect more light.
  6. The Size of the Ring
    Make sure that you know the right size of the ring. It would not be good to present her with a ring that is too loose or too tight on her finger.
  7. Diamond Certification
    If you purchase a diamond engagement ring, it should come with a diamond certification from a qualified gemmologist. Letters are usually used to grade the rings based on their colour, carat clarity, and cut.
  8. Conduct an Online Research
    Most retail shops will not provide you with as much information as an online shop will. Therefore, visit numerous online jewellers to get yourself well-versed with the different types of rings, their textures, shapes, and price. Diamonds for Less offers stunning engagement rings in Toronto so if you happen to live around Toronto, they can be a great starting point for getting the best ring.
  9. The Metal
    The type of metal that holds the stone together is usually determined by its durability. In this instance, platinum or gold can be good options.

Take note of the points we’ve shared and you’re sure to find an ideal engagement ring for the woman you love.