Wedding transport – nothing like a Karma Kar

There is nothing like travelling in true Bollywood style from the church to your wedding party so why go for anything other than the Karma Kab – I have to say it was absolutely brilliant, one of the funniest and best bits of our wedding. A firm favourite of the West London trendy acting set (Kate Moss, Jude Law et al) you can see why – its so much fun – on approach it makes a sound like a horse neighing (that is the horn!) and with lights flashing, Bollywood music blaring and shouts from the driver to the guests to push the car as it had broken down, we didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for when we hopped in for the ride!

However this was a real gem, a few minutes of quiet(ish minus the music) relaxation on our own, a drive through Portabello market, horns beeping, lights flashing, drivers stopping, tourists staring and market traders congratulating us, it really was an experience I will never forget. The driver was utterly bonkers and I am surprised he got us to our destination – but he did!

Some people would say they don’t come cheap at £60 an hour but I would say one of the best and funniest parts of the whole day and probably much cheaper than your typical wedding car! According to Tobias Moss, the hippy owner, “you can choose one from one of the 4 Karma Kars that currently operate in London – the white Monsoon Wedding Kar, the pink Al Fab Kar, the orange Sheeshmahal Kar and the plum Bollywood Kar”. I’m not sure which one we had but I don’ think it really matters its the overall experience which is just fantastic – definitely worth a go even if you’re not getting married.

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