Wedding Table plans – delegating the stress to a specialist

A lot of wedding reception venues provide the menus, table place cards etc but often brides want a real statement table plan and something a little bit unique which is where a specialist can come to the rescue. I remember last minute printing, mounting on boards and unnecessary hassle the day before my wedding!

On my travels I have seen and heard of quite a few good suppliers one of these being XOXO wedding stationers in Scotland (but you can order all online/ email). Check out these photos below….

Wedding Table Plans designed by XOXO

Wedding Table Plans designed by XOXO

XOXO Wedding stationery makes these fab bespoke wedding table plans in your chosen colour scheme and style. Its all pretty simple you just needs to send the table plan 4 weeks in advance, which gives them time to work their magic and then send you the proofs to check that you are happy. They can do all other wedding stationery too.

Who to put where? – my seating plan tip
I remember the planning of who was sitting next to who was a little bit stressful especially when you have 180 guests to juggle around including friends and family from all over the place- I ended up grouping people tables of 10, putting those names in a hat and then picking out the names of who sat next to who from that group (which was actually quite easy). At least that way you know people will know other people on their table but you don’t have to spend ages worrying about the intricate details of who sits next to – at the end of the day I am sure that they’ll all have a great time whoever they are next to.

If you know of any good wedding stationers that you or friends have used that were really impressive, reliable, good value and a little bit fun or different do let me know and share the love! I’m also thinking about doing a post on choosing table names… I have seen lots of different ideas out there and am planning on collating a list.


These table plans are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


I know I really like them too. They do great other wedding stationery so its well worth checking out their site.

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