Wedding Table Name Ideas

.. – 100 Fun, unusual, quirky and different ideas for table names at your wedding. Well nearly 100! (thanks everyone for helping me to add to this list with all your ideas!) It seems that couples are picking creative and fun names for their wedding tables – something personal, meaningful to them or that fits in with their wedding theme.

Wedding Table Name Ideas

At our wedding we had ‘special’ places – the roads we grew up on, our parents house, the flat that we first shared. the places that we had been on holiday etc. At the time I remember thinking how original, but having done a bit more research I realise that many other couples have the same idea as us! So, I thought I’d collate a list of 100 wedding table names to give you some inspiration.. please help me out here and add any suggestions (leave a comment and let me know what you had or are planning to have at your wedding!)

100 Wedding Table Name Suggestions well nearly – this post is a work in progress!
Beers of the World
Champagne brands
Wines from the Beaujolais region (with top table Saint Amour -love -and kids table Beaujolais nouveau)

Types of Curry
Different types of chocolate (Belgian, Dark, Swiss)
Retro Sweets (with jars on the table)

Halls of Residence at Uni (where couple met)
Rivers (for shooting, fishing, hunting type)
Flower names (Roses, Iris and Tulips)

Famous mathematicians and famous scientists – that is what our guest blogger Helen Carter had at hers (I think she was a mathematician or scientist in her former life)
Famous couples
Economic terms (the couple were both economists!!)

Areas of Brighton
Australian States (where bride and groom were going on honeymoon)
Places in New York
Ibiza Clubs
Road names of all the houses that they had lived in together
Places of interest, towns etc in country/ place where we got engaged
Local Towns
Italian Cities
Street names
Underground stations
Mountain names from Ski resort (in Canada and Scotland)
Skiing resort theme (Verbier) – ski runs, restaurants etc
Every hotel they have stayed in! (thanks to @planetflowers for this one – that was one of their clients)

Cartoon Characters
Soap Operas
Carry on Films
Favourite Film Titles
Dr Who Theme (The Tardis, Rose etc)
Superheroes (comic fans @samuraijen had this one)
Movie Names – guest had a line from movie next to their name and had to work it out! fun I like that one (thanks to @archibaldphotog for that one!)

Things that they had argued about (washing up)
Love in 13 different languages
Clues (for a game later)
Secrets (Mr and Mrs)
Individual words from the first dance .. so people can guess what its going to be (I love that one what a cool idea!)
Eras of the couple growing up (baby, toddler, teenager etc) with photos at each stage.
Significant years (years they met, they got engaged, birthdays etc – thanks to @planetflowers another recommendation)

Arsenal legends (typically that came from a groom!)
Rugby positions (hooker, scrum half etc)
Football teams
Golfer’s surnames – thanks to @unicorngirl for that one – her best friend had that at her wedding!
Big Cats – @EspDelCakes suggested that one – apparently her hubbie to be wants to be a lion!

Classic Cars
Colours of the rainbow
Great paintings
Photo themes (taken by groom) e.g Beachhuts, Woodlands. And then everyone name places on that table would be beachhuts….similarly woodlands.
Musical instruments
Favourite songs/ music
Cure Songs – that was given to me by @prettywildwed – making stationery for a couple that have chosen that.
Concerts that they have been to (with tickets making the table names – I like that one- thanks to @archibaldphotog)

12 Days of Christmas

Luxury Fashion brands

Vintage Table Name Plan
I love the vintage, Cath Kidston style of this table plan – so pretty. The fab photos in this post were taken by husband and wife duo, Jay and Christina from Elemental Weddings – they’re award winning photographers based in Scotland. Have featured lots of their work on LMW – check out the real life wedding for Jude and Matt if you want to see more of their work and keep checking back here and on their site to keep up with their work.

I noticed that this is by far the most popular post on Little Miss Wedding so thank you all for sharing your ideas…. let me know in the comments section what you’re going to have (or had) at your wedding. Little Miss Wedding is a UK wedding blog that features british suppliers and real life wedding (click on that link to see some of them!) submissions from UK photographers.


I came by to see Christina and Jay’s pics featured, and now I love your blog. Damn, wish I could get married a few times to integrate all the styles I love.

Some lovely ideas – esp for the halls of residence which I may use as that is where Matt and I met. Also thinking about our favourite books/novels.

These ideas are fab, I love the one with words from the first dance. We’re having breeds of sheep – I’m marrying a sheep farmer!

My FI and I are super big into the Texas Country Music scene, so we are using different dancehalls/venues around the state for our table names. Our escort cards are going to be shaped like tickets and say “First Name Last Name please join the party at Table Name”! I am super excited for our guests to see them!

Good Work – loving hearing all your ideas. This is my most popular post so for all those reading this please share you ideas for wedding table names with us all X

Some great ideas on here! We are having different tree names for our Autumn wedding and my best friend had different farm machinery as they were both from farming back grounds: tractor, trailor, combine, baler etc (were actually taken from an old drinking game!!). The table name holders were green wellies with labels tied round them! They looked fab and eveyone loved them.

I love the table name ideas from this article! The central park picture is fab, lovely colours!

My finance and I met while working at a coffee shop (Tim Hortons) in Canada… I am thinking of naming our tables after donuts (boston cream, strawberry vanilla, double chocolate) or maybe after drinks sold at Tim Hortons… It seems pretty random considering our wedding theme has nothing to do with Tim Hortons, but what do you think??

We had different types of cake with the top table being Wedding Cake. Others included Carrot cake, cupcake, angel cake etc…

I love the Cath Kidston fabric idea for table and seating plan. I think it would look really effective but I’m not sure how to identify each table with the fabric. Would you have napkins in the fabric as well? or would you frame a sample or cover a small canvas in the material and display in a standard table number stand? any ideas or suggestions? We really think it will add a vintage country feel to our wedding.

Oh so many good choices to be had from this list! My husband to be is an avid comic book fan, so will def be trying to incorporate that in some way!

I’m planning to have rock bands that my boyfriend and I love – Whitesnake perhaps?!

I’m getting married in December and really struggling on table name ideas… my other half wants either Tottenham player names or famous redheads (he’s a redhead and known affectionately as ‘Ginge’) not what I had in mind for my fairytale wedding….

I’m currently making quite a few table names for clients and so thought I’d add a few more to the list!
Currently making:
- Henry VIII and his 6 wives (seriously!)
- Different cheeses
- Famous detectives…

Thought these were all very inspired… I’m also making one with Table 1, 2, 3 etc! You can but hope eh!

Sophie x

We are having white roses and we’ve decided to carry this on as a theme throughout.
So we’re naming our tables after different cadbury’s roses and we’ll scatter them across the tables. (I’m a chocaholic)
I love all these ideas though.
kirsty x

Hi we are getting married in september this year and love all your ideas. we are having a black and white theme so would love it if you could inspire something to do with that for table names…. love the idea of first dance quotes thanks….

Hey! I love the top picture showing the black and white table planner board. Would it be possible to see a picture of the whole board? I love the pic you used for Central park and want to see the other pics you used for the other places if you dont mind!
I’m a year away from my wedding but am already going crazy considering all the options I have for things like this!
Thanks for the ideas!

Eva Treistman

I am getting married this Saturday (7/24/10) and I am a gem hound. My engagement ring is a green tourmaline…so, I chose precious and semi-precious stones for table names.

Why not name the tables after the flowers? You can have a different table arrangement on each table, sticking with a particular colour scheme but choosing different flowers and naming each table accordingly. For example going on the lily theme:

- Lily of the Valley
- Cala Lily
- Tiger Lily
- Stargazer Lily
- Oriental Lily
- Trumpet Lily

Just an idea, I’m a florist you see, always thinking of flowers :)

Poets – one of our brides chose this, she had an MA in English!
Pubs and Restaurants – bride and groom chose all their favourite romantic spots
Famous Race horses – chosen last year by one of our brides for a racing theme wedding
Flowers – a great choice for a summer wedding eg peony, rose, delphinium, lily
The choice is endless and so much more exciting than numbers

This is a great post! Table names are such an easy way of adding a personal touch and can also be a good ice breaker for guests.

Being a chocoholic I particularly like the idea of different chocolates and also the word “Love” in 13 languages. As you mention in your post, I had mathematicians and scientists for my wedding – I was indeed a scientist in a former life and my hubby is a mathmo, but this was the only geeky thing we had – promise!

We got engaged in Paris, so named all our tables after different areas in the city – it was quite fun matching the guests to the area, and of course we left the best for ourselves.

Loving this. So many ideas!!! eeek. We are compiling several lists including local place names (where we both love to visit), Modern musicals and classic musicals. Watch this space :)

Me and my other half travelled the world last year so we’re having countries we visited as our table names and of course the country which he proposed in as the top table. Having a rose theme and I am a chocoholic too so loving your idea of Cadburys roses Kirsty. Oooh the decisions!

Love this post! Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas…Its been a great help. I was thinking about having different curry names for the table and wanted to have a photo of something underneath but didnt want a picture of curry… :) Does anyone have any suggestions on what we could have? Any comments would be greatly appreaciated! Many thanks in advance.

Hi , im geting married next year in a windmill in kent . All my tables are names after windmills in kent SIMPLES “” THCHH” .. We are having a vintage type wedding on a low budget and it is possible .. we didnt want the run of the mill wedding ( how we came across the windmill idea ) all those chairs with pretty organza bows on you could be at any wedding any where in the country .. Ours is with bunting flowers in jam jars and pretty gingham . i cant wait !!!

Loving the ideas, am getting married in November (only got engaged in August!!!!) was really struggling with ideas for able names and now looking at this as our colour is black and white am thinking either things that are black and white or black and white sweets and putting them on the tables. Ideas for any xmas weddings, went to a friends in December 09 and they had reindeers as their table names, Rudolph, dasher, dancer etc etc….

Hi . Gemma good luck with the wedding , How bout havin table names after black and white movie stars and have black and white pictures for each table .. eg . laurel and hardy .. marylin monroe, audrey hepburn , there are loads of pics about in that style at the moment , or how bout street names in thier black and white style .. abbey road .. carnaby street ..

For the actors getting married out there, how about naming tables after Shakespeare’s lovers. Romeo & Juliet for the head table, you have Benedick and Beatrice, Rosalind and Orlando, Viola and Orsino, Oberon and Titania….the list goes on!

We’re getting married at Warwick Castle so we’re having Earls of Warwick as our table names.

What a great post! I’m sure you’re brides will be able to find a table name to suit their personalities and themes from this extensive list.

I love these ideas!! im getting married in a castle does anyone have idea what table theme i could use?

Since my partner and I are big fans of the television show Deadliest Catch we have decided to name our tables after the names of the boats featured on the show and we have decided that the top table should be named Dutch Harbor, this is where the boats load off their catch and thought this would be perfect. I know its probably a strange idea but we were struggling to think of any ideas and then all of a sudden it just came to us. Don’t know if we are the first couple to do this but it just seemed right, anyone who has seen this show will know what I mean!

Hi, I am getting married this year in Greece by the beach. I am stuck on table plan names/designs. We got engaged in Venice and would like to encorporate it somehow but not really sure. Any ideas would be great :) I do like the idea of having ‘Love’ in different languages…

michelle rainford

Hi, I am getting married in may and I’m really struggling with the table names. We are having cadbury purple and fuschia pink as our colours but I really can’t think of anything.
Any ideas would be much appreciated!!


michelle x

We’re getting married in June 2011 and our colour theme is purple and silver. As my fiance is a painter and decorator, we’ve gone for purple shades of the dulux paint collection e.g. Mulberry Burst and Amethyst Showers. We think it’s something a bit different anyway, but I do like the words from the first dance idea – that’s lovely.
Good luck to all brides to be! It’s so exciting :-)

These were really interesting and varied – thanks.
We’re getting married at Portmeirion, Wales – the setting for the 1960s TV series The Prisoner. We’ve decided to use episode names from the series for each table (they include Once Upon a Time, Living in Harmony, The Schizoid Man!)
It may be a bit obscure, but hey. The seating plan will be mounted on vintage fabric, with each table adorned with a penny farthing charm (the symbol from the TV show). Fingers crossed it’ll work well!

We’re having a moto gp theme for table names! x

Like the idea of moto go theme. We’re having classic british motorbikes. Hoping to have picture with facts on the back

what me and my partner are doing for our wedding this june is naming tables after vintage inspire things we love i.e pearls and diamonds (top table) Pride & Prejudice etc.. Under the table name we are popping a name ov a loved one that is no longer with us – pets, grandparents etc, and when the Best man proposes a toast we are askin him 2 get our guests to raise their glasses and read out the name wrote on their table, as a ‘in memory ov’ moment! Magical and personal and so easily done! X

Good luck to all the brides-to-be. I’m getting married next year so i have a bit of time yet! We are going for the names of composers as we are having a string quartet play at our wedding. I love the words from first dance song option too!

Love all the ideas suggested !! as I am so indecisive, the problem is picking an idea and sticking to it. My wedding is still a long way off yet but as it is around the time of the Olympic games 2012, and we are both very keen sports people, we are thinking of olympic events as table names, with some facts included . Maybe past olympians as we are having a vintage theme wedding. Good luck to everyone.

As wedding planners we get ask this question quite frequently, some recent ones have been names of birds, retro sweets eg Love Hearts, and more recent a couple who both where doctors used medical terms as most of their guests where in the same profession

Style occasions

We are getting married in September I am using the theme the first hopefully be a good talking point …

The first meeting
The first holiday
The first festival
The engagement
The happily ever after (top table)

emma good luck with the wedding , How bout havin table names after black and white movie stars and have black and white pictures for each table .. eg . laurel and hardy .. marylin monroe, audrey hepburn , there are loads of pics about in that style at the moment , or how bout street names in thier black and white style.
God Bless You!

I found this website by chance when looking for a a name for a magazine, and I thought I should post this idea I had a while ago:

Name the tables after ‘Magic Roundabout’ characters!

Hi were having a country english wedding inclu tea so were naming tables after posh resturants that serve afternooon tea. (ie) The Ritz , The Dorchester….

getting married in october 2011. we are having an autumn themed wedding and our tables are names of trees.

I was thinking surnames from our family tree, Grandparents & Maiden names of Grannies. You could have family crests or photos.

My fiance and I love visiting Marrakech so we have named all of our tables after Spices/flavours used in Moroccan cooking: Anise, Ginger, Cinnamon, Paprika, Nutmeg, Lemon, Mint, Saffron and the top table; Ras El Hanout which means ‘Top of the Shop’.

We are thinking of all the places we have holidayed together, Top table would be the place where we got engaged

we’ve just recently got engaged and i’m already getting ideas for summer wedding in 2013. i love the ideas on here they are fabulous and will keep coming back for more. although my fiance and i love films we could name our tables with favourite films. and i also like the idea of our past street names. fabulous good luck to all you blushing brides. xx

We are naming our table after relatives that will
not be there like our granparents so we have HElenas table, Noels table, claudes table etc

Some interesting ideas here! We are having a love and hearts theme so our table names are the names of our parents and grandparents with a photo of them on their wedding days and the date they got married, we have 6 tables plus the top table that will have our names picture and date on. Works perfectly for the number of tables we have and is a tribute to the people that have inspired us with their everlasting love.

Love all of these table name ideas, but I am not sure which would best fit with my theme. My fiance and I are getting married on Feb. 25th. We are having a very traditional and formal wedding, and our colors are deep purple, white and silver. Our flowers are roses, picasso lillies and lisianthus. Our wedding favors will most likely be heart wine stoppers. My fiance and I are both Italian, and we were thinking of tables names after popular Italian cities. I am not sure if it goes so I am hoping for more ideas…thanks!

I read this and suddenly got inspired to use table names with the word table in them:
We used:

Table mountain (South African friends)
Turntable (DJ friends)
Table dancing
Table top (top table)
Unstable and Lamentable (naughtier friends with a sense of humour)
Inheritable (relatives)
Charitable (friends who work in charities)
Comfortable (friends who have nuturing jobs)

There is a website with words ideas…
Lots of fun! thanks for the inspiration


LOVE precious jewels for table names:


I think naming tables at your wedding reception is almost becoming tradition now. I’m all for it. I think it’s a creative and quirky way to add some fun to what can sometimes be a very formal affair. That’s a great compilation of wedding table names by the way!

We’re getting married in a gorgeous Scottish castle, Dundas Castle and I’ve named the tables after my favourite Scottish Castles! Dundas castle being the top table, of course! We’ve got Balmoral, Eileen Donan, Culzean and Fyvie to name a few!

Since we are in a coastal environment, we’re thinking of famous ocean vessels of one sort or another and/or famous sea captains, fictional or not. Should be a lot of fun, and for those who don’t have a clue what we’re talking about with the name, it will be a great ice-breaker for starting conversation at the table.

We are naming our tables after famous Egyptian things, e.g Pyramid, Nile
Egypt is the one great love in both of our lives (apart from each other)
Top table will me Cleopatra & Mark Anthony because Cleopatra couldn’t live without Mark Anthony and I couldn’t live without my precious Paul xx

Love the first picture!! Do you happen to have a picture of the full board?? I love the idea of significant places we have been. We love to travel and some special things happened in some of those places.. (saying I love you, engagment, trip down memory lane for closure) would love to encorporate that.. Love this website!!

I love Stephanie Drew’s idea. It makes it so personal and a lovely way to include those who are no longer with us x

Im getting married April 2013, and wanting to plan things like this now. Struggling abit for table names, we havent been abroad that many times to do places weve been, weve only ever lived in one place.. my theme is pink with love hearts, any ideas? I was going to do the quotes that are on the love heart sweets like “Be Mine” “Call Me” “Truly Yours” but my fiance doesnt like the idea ha!

my musical niece had classical composers eg, Elgar, Beethoven for her table names and another niece (nurse marrying a doctor) had herbal remedies including information as to what they were used for).
I have also heard of favourite chocolates with a plate of the appropriate one in the centre.

Hi there, My daughter got married in the very beautiful Craig Y Nos Castle, the loveliest day of the year in August last year. Here husband proposed in Paris, so they bought some beautiful postcards of Paris land marks to name the tables with and on the reverse had a picture of them both thanking the guests for sharing their perfect day. The day flew by so make sure friends and family take plenty of pictures! Most importantly enjoy the day!

We are both big F1 fans and we named our tables after grand prix circuits. We also had an F1 cake and we went to the european grand prix for our honey moon. I used the shape of each circuit on the table plan with the guests names next to each one!

Mrs Smith to be

These are fab!
Me and my partner havent set a date yet but i am looking for ideas anyway!
We thought last night we might do movies about couples as our table names with a photo of us imitating the front cover, and i know the top table doesnt normally have a number but we were going to put it as Mr & Mrs Smith, as that will be us! :D
Just thought it might be something different and fun for our guests to read when checking the table plan for there names….oh Mr & Mrs Smith….how funny!
(But were not telling anyone so it will be a suprise) x

WoW! Thank you for this site! We are having a wedding on the lake and this gave me the inspiration to name our tables after boats :o) I.e. Tied the Knot – Not II Nauti -A Shore Thing

i am getting married in 6 weeks and have found that naming my tables is the hardest decision that i have had to make. Originally i wanted to name them after songs that were at number 1 the year we met also putting a bit of trivia ie how long the song was at number 1 for but now i am in two minds and thinking of naming them after the vows that mean the most to our relationship ie Love & Cherish as the top table, trust, honour ect.

I need to make the decision like yesterday and i just dont know what to do

At a wedding I was at recently the dinner and party were held in an old school so the tables were named after classes like maths geography etc. My favourite was detention lol. Think that’s a good idea for people having their reception in a similar place or even people who met in school

we were thinking of shades of purple, we are having a purple and lilac colour scheme so shades of purple fits right in, could be done for lots of different colours.

how about greek, roman, nordic or celtic gods?

Magicians as we are having a surprise magician for the children.

My fiance and i are getting married sept 22 12. we are going to have table numbers 1-10. at each table, we are going to write a little blurb about how that number relates to our lives. ie: table 2- how long we have been living in our home w/ picture of us at the home; table 3- the number of christmas trees we have decorated together with a picture; table 6- the number of combined pets we had growing up; table 8- number of combined siblings we have w/ a picture of us and our siblings. etc.

I get married next week and just thought about table names. My HTB is a keen golfer and so are many of our guests so we’re having famous golf courses as our table names.

St. Andrews
Augusta National
Pebble Beach
The Belfry
(spelling to check on these of course!)

I’m not sure if the bridal table should have the most famous one ‘St Andrews’ or should remain left at ‘The Bridal Table’ and leave the names to the guest tables?


My table theme is all of the places we have visited over the past 4 years…but i am struggling with decent places where i can get the table name onto stationary onto our tables…Can anyone help/recomend?

My Table Names:

Phi Phi Island
Koh Samui
Koh Panghnan
Milford Haven (where his grandfather lived)

Our table plan is amazing, its a world map and using shopping tags (because we have a slight shopping addiction) as the place name cards for guests and also the table descriptions on the table plan…just need to be able to identify the different tables on the actual table!

Hope anyone can help ;) x

My boyfriends sister and hubby named the tables after family surnames like grand parents , mothers maiden names etc

Karen haughton

My daughters fiancé is HGV driver and she has secretly been keeping a log of his stopovers when he is away and he happens to mention where he is parked up. So….her tables are the names of different services, like Oxford Services M40, and on the motorways up and down the UK. We can’t wait to see his face on the day, which is June 2013.

Hi all!
i also found this quite tricky!! we have decided to have cocktail names as we are quite fond of a cocktail or two! :-)
Sex on the beach
Sea Breeze
Tequila Sunrise
We are also having giant Cocktail glasses filled with flowers and gems as our centrepieces!!
Cant wait for our big day!! good luck fellow brides :-)

My idea for my daughter’s wedding is to have each table named after a love song. On the table card we will have the love song title and underneath ask the table guests to name the artist who sang it and what year it came out. Thought this would create a little conversation. I also thought of doing movies with weddings and ask the actor names who starred in it and what year it came out

What about naming your tables with individual letters that spells out your names or something unique about you as a couple?

Im having cadbury purple as my colour and were both massive fans of chocolate, so i was thinking of having different chocolates that cadbury make like caramal, dairy milk, freddos, fudge etc…
Were also having chocolate favours as well!!!
Hope our guests arent to chocolated out!

Helloooo, I’m marrying my fiance in May 2014, and we are already making plans! We are both mad gym fanatics and as we met in the gym, we are thinking we may name our tables after gym machines or exercises, such as “leg press”, “abdominal crunches” or “bicep curl”. I was using the “lat pull-down” machine when he first chatted me up so we thought we’d give our table that particular name. We could even have pictures of ourselves using the machines! Mad idea but I think it’s pretty unique!!

me and my fiance get married june 2014. were massive horse lovers so our tables will be called after famous horses

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