Wedding limousines: Choose the one that’s for you

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time; making a lifelong commitment to the one you love and sharing the day with family and friends. There’s lots to organise such as the wedding dress, reception and honeymoon and one aspect which needs careful thought is the wedding transport.

Relying on a taxi to take you to the ceremony is perhaps inexpensive but it’s not very romantic and there’s no way of knowing what kind of car will arrive to whisk you off. There’s no room to keep the dress crease-free, the car isn’t photogenic and you may find yourself stepping out at the venue with hair in disarray and an askew tiara because of the lack of head room.

The solution is to hire a limousine and to choose from the fleet one which fits the theme of the big day. Roomy, luxurious and looking great on the official photos, a limo service Fort Lauderdale can offer will be a vehicle you will remember forever.

Stretch Limousines

For those who desire a traditional and classic limousine for their wedding, it has to be a stretch model. Available in a range of colours from sparkling white to princess pink, a stretch limousine will transport the bride and groom in splendour as well as being an excellent fleet vehicle for other guests.


For the ultimate in Hollywood glamour and weddings which are as full of glitz and glitter as they are love and romance then an American Cadillac fits the bill perfectly. Modern, elegant and exclusive, they have a rock star look which will make you feel like a celebrity as you step out at your ceremony to the flashing of cameras. Designed to seat larger numbers, they are also perfect for head turning transport for guests.

Hummer H2

Cool, funky and quirky; if any of these words describe the theme of your upcoming wedding then the perfect limousine is the Hummer H2. Rugged and with followers including Arnold Schwarzenegger and a whole host of rap stars who are owners of this incredible vehicle, you’ll want to party as soon as you see your Hummer arrive to take you to your wedding.

This is the vehicle if you want any kind of onboard party to accompany you at any stage of your big day; on your way to the reception perhaps or when you’re travelling on to the airport to head off onto your honeymoon. Decked out with digital sound, light systems and even sometimes onboard bars and staff, the Hummer H2 is a stretched limousine with presence.

Ford Expedition

A luxury disco interior, plush leather seating and beautiful chrome exterior accents, the Ford Expedition is in a class of its own when it comes to executive motoring. Designed for those who want to exude style on arrive, it’s a model which is contemporary and really makes an entrance. Often available in ice white, it’s the ideal wedding car for any bride wanting traditional colours mixed with on-trend transport.