Wedding Gift List – to have or not to have?

I have seen on my travels (both in the real world and virtual) so many lovely nic nacs and bits and bobs that I would have loved as a wedding gift, so don’t worry I will be keeping you updated with loads of ideas in that department – infact I can’t wait to post about that, but that is to come.

First of all I thought I would post about our dilemma as I am sure that this is something that everyone worries about – wedding list or not? We had mixed feelings because if you don’t have one you inevitably get loads of ‘candlesticks and vases’ and things you don’t need or like. If you do have one, well that was just something that made me feel a little bit awkward – I felt like it was a round about way of asking people for presents, when all I really wanted was for them to be there at the wedding to celebrate (maybe me just being oversensitive!). Added to this my best friends had just used Wrapit, who went bust shortly after their wedding and they lost all their presents – so that too seemed a bit risky.

I am not dissing wedding gift lists as there is definitely a time and a place for them and for many people its what will set them up for their future together, but me and lovely had loved (and lived) together for nearly 3 years when we got married, had all the pots and pans we needed, and so cramped in our little flat that the thought of trying to squeeze anything into non exsitent storage was enough to make me want to just donate it all to charity – which is actually what we did.

We decided that rather than getting things we didn’t need or want we would set up a Justgiving page for Marie Curie Cancer, which is a charity close to our hearts as we all have friends or family who have been affected. It was so nice to see the fund growing in the run up to and after the wedding and the support of all those close to us. The best thing is that we raised about £4K so whilst I was beaming from ear to ear with happiness at being married, hopefully someone else less fortunate was getting the support and care they needed. I’m not making out that I am some kind of martyr :-) Far from it as I might hasten to add we still got lots of presents anyway, so I think we were very lucky in that department!

The wedding gift list can always be a dilemma, but remember that now there are so many options out there that you don’t necessarily have to go for the traditional list with John Lewis or a specialist wedding list company. Why not go for a list that lets you chose how you spend the money such as putting it towards your honeymoon, your garden, your new house or that sound system you have always wanted, or even allows you to save the money for a rainy day. Personally I always like to give an actual pressie so its nice to have a couple of options that you can give your guests if you are struggling with your wedding list (some people didn’t want to donate to our charity and said that they would rather than we had a donation towards buying something that we needed).

I am really interested to hear about interesting wedding present ideas, gift lists and what other people are doing for their special day when it comes to pressies. MOST IMPORTANTLY DO YOUR RESEARCH AND HAVE YOUR LIST WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY – hearing all these couples that lost everything in the Wrap-it debacle just makes me so sad. So any recommendations from people would be much appreciated.


My fiance was having a bit of a gift list dilemma before I mentioned the honeymoon gift list to him. He didn’t want to make one initially just in case it seemed a bit ‘grabby’, the problem being if you don’t make one you end up with 10 George Forman grills from well meaning relatives!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading more of yours and well done with the charity fund!


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