Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes can be utterly fabulous and incredibly delicious and this category will be devoted to reviewing all the different flavours, sizes, and wacky ideas that are there to choose from. Whether to choose the traditional fruit cake, little cupcakes which can look really fantastic and taste delicious or whether to go for something really unusual like individual jelly cakes (apparently Mark Ronson had glow in the dark ones at his birthday party recently).

Personally I love the idea of cupcakes and brownies as these are easy to make, serve and always a favourite with everyone. In fact if you are looking to save pennies this is a great thing that you can delegate to your girlfriends or family and I am sure that they will love to help. Its traditional for a good friend of mine and her 5 friends to do the cupcakes at each others weddings which is so lovely as its something fun that they can all enjoy doing together and obviously a help to the bride.

I have been to a couple of weddings recently where the couple have chosen to have a big tower of cheeses as their wedding cake, which are great to tuck in to during the dancing. Another alternative is to do what I did and have a cake that can double up as pudding – we had Eton Mess and cut it during the reception so that the caterers could plate it up for pudding – it was absolutely delicious, it all got eaten and was great for me as I was on a tight budget. Still if I had the choice (and the budget) I think that I might have gone for one of those wondrous chocie woccky do da creations that I keep seeing in magazines.

In this section we will be reviewing not only some of the top wedding cake makers and some of their exquisite creations but we will also be looking at fun and creative alternatives and cakes that are easy to make yourself, or delegate to friends and family.


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