Wearable Technology

The new craze in the world of tech development is Wearable Technology. This terms refers to technology that can be worn in or on the human body. Science fiction is now becoming reality. The new tech allows people to achieve so much more. It does this by allowing for data gathering, analysis and presentation while on the go. Hands-on tasks are a lot simpler because of this technology which does not demand to be hand held. The devices are designed around principles of portability. Therefore they are only evolving into being less bulky. Let us dive in and discuss the many functions of wearables.smartwatch-828786_640

Functions of Wearables

  • Medical. The medical field is already benefiting from wearable technology. Patients wear body sensors which transmit the data to the doctors. For example the system allows doctors to know when a patient is about to have a heart attack before it happens.
  • Military. As usual most tech has to have military uses. It wouldn’t be surprising that the military financed its development. Micro sensors in the soldier’s bodies can give accurate reports on the location and physical condition.
  • Financial. Rio Olympics saw the widest use of wearables for financial purposes. The tech was coupled with proximity technology. This allowed users to use wristbands with chips to make payments.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing. Already the major developers of wearables, including Samsung, are testing the use of smart watches to improve productivity. Samsung is working with Oracle to provide data capture and retrieval services through smart wearables
  • Security. Proximity sensors together with wearables are being used to make new security systems. There are several examples already on the market for home and vehicle security.

Technology is advancing at an amazing pace. It is necessary to quickly embrace wearables. The faster you get them working for you the earlier you will start to benefit. It is just too bad that they are delaying the implementation of this technology in online casinos such as southafricancasinosites.com. Real money online gambling is now such big part of our everyday lives. There is a need for casino operators to integrate this tech soonest.

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