Vintage Wedding Make Up Tips

Getting the vintage bridal look without feeling overly made-up or ‘costume’ can be tricky, but it is achievable with some careful thought and chic inspiration. Here are three key looks from 20th Century vintage decades to give you some ideas and help you on your way to perfecting vintage bridal styling on your big day. Lynsey LeKeux, our resident vintage guru, shares some top vintage make-up tips with us all.

* No 1 – Cutesy 1950′s wedding make up.
I have penned this look Sugabilly© because I think it’s a perfect combination of rockabilly styling and classic pastel tones. Use hot pink lip stain and gradients of blended soft mauve shadows to create this look, with plenty of pink blusher in the right shade for your skin tone. Eyebrows are softer as are eye liner lines so this is much softer and subtler than the other two looks. This looks great on blonds but can be toned for darker hair and skin.

1950's sugabilly make up

* No 2 – 1940′s wedding make up.
I adore the glamour and impact of red lip stick teamed with naked eyes with a huge flash of eye liner. With this dark hair it’s stunning and it works for most skin tones and colourings. Play around with the thickness and length of the eye liner sweep for the perfect look for you. Use a soft cream shadow all over the eye then shade in a soft brown/mauve around the eye socket to provide some shape and depth and to frame the open eye along with the liner. Add lashings of mascara and fake eyelashes for true drama. Red lipstick also comes in hundreds of shades so don’t be afraid to ask in shops to try them and go outside in the light and take a photo of yourself to judge the best tone for you. To create a look as dramatic as the one picture take the lip liner just outside the lips and colour eyebrows in dark creating a pin up arch for authenticity. Victory rolls pull this look perfectly together for absolute 40s glamour.

1940's wedding make up

* No 3 – 1920′s/30′s wedding make up.
This is quite a look, with inverted eye shadow shading, thinly drawn eyebrows and dark red lips. I personally love it. It’s chic and memorable and at nearly 90 years old this look is pure vintage. Team with finger waves in the hair and unusual head dresses like this one pictured (available to purchase on our website LeKeuxEvents).

1920's wedding hair and make up

Not sure which to go for? Give LeKeux Events a call for a free consultation on the vintage bridal styling right for you. Or try Emily Jane our favourite make-up artist and colours stylist. All the photos featured here were taken by Siren Photographic whose Sasha captures these looks authentically and will always snap you in your best light and angles.
And if you are looking for more inspiration make sure you check out this recent post on 40′s and 50′s vintage glamour make up for a London hen party. And also this page on LMW which is full of vintage wedding ideas.


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