Vegetarian wedding catering

When you’ve the organisation of a wedding to contend with, having as little stress as possible is crucial. One headache which often pops up however is the style of meal and menu choices for the reception. You’ll be trying to decide whether to have a sit-down meal or a buffet and how to provide food for all ages and dietary requirements.

One simple solution which will solve many issues and give you a little something different for guests is to have a completely vegetarian meal.

Style of meal

With a vegetarian wedding reception the best way to present the food is by laying on a buffet. That way you’ll cater for everyone; including confirmed meat eaters who may be a little averse to eating food with no meat content. Lots of salads and crudites to give colour intermingled with huge bowls of jewelled cous cous, rice salads, roasted Middle Eastern vegetables and lots of different bean dishes such as chick pea tagines or a mixed bean chilli will mean everyone will find lots they will love and go back for more.

Ease of creation

Because there’s no meat involved, you don’t need to worry so much about food sitting on tables in the way you would with plates of chicken perhaps. Other than rice dishes which need to have their ambient temperature monitored, pretty much all other options can be displayed for guests to help themselves over a longer period of time. The reception staff will look after this element for you though.

Options which look like meat

To really give everyone a fantastic choice and to satisfy even the most dedicated meat eater, add lots of Quorn dishes and nibbles. Many don’t look as if they are meat free as the range incudes pies, pasties, sausage rolls, goujons, nuggets and even mini savoury eggs.

Quorn is made from mycoprotein and low in saturated fats so not only will you know that your reception looks and tastes amazing, you’ll know you’re serving foods which are great for the body too such as this pasta with Quorn and garlic dish . If you have guests who are vegan, they too can be catered for as there are now vegan-friendly chunks and mince which can be made into great meals such as this Quorn and chickpea curry .

To ensure everyone knows the range of dishes available and to amaze everyone at how meat-like some of the options look, create cards of the name of each dish and ask the reception staff to place them in front of each bowl or plate.

Vegetarian wedding catering means that you have a huge variety of choices you can present, that the food will be filling and that guests will go home knowing they’ve not only had a great time sharing your special day, but they’ve also eaten food made with thought and love.