Themed Weddings are all the Rage

When they get married, every couple wants something different. Tastes vary, and what is one person’s dream wedding is another’s worst nightmare.

For your special day, following the trend, and doing what everyone else does is never a good idea. You are far better doing exactly what you want. More and more couples are realising this, and opting for a themed wedding. Theming your special day is a great idea.

Themed weddings provide you with a framework

Taking this approach gives you a framework that you can use to make many of the most important decisions surrounding your wedding day as easy as possible. For example, if you are going for an Edwardian or Victorian theme you can use that fact to narrow down your choice of venues, quickly. You know straight away that you can cross modern halls off your list of potentials, and focus instead on stately homes from that era.

Pulling off a themed wedding

However, themed weddings do not come without issues. If you want it to work, you need to follow through, and really commit to delivering. The fact that you are doing something a little different may mean that you will have to spend a bit of extra money to get exactly what you need.

Pay attention to the details

It is not enough to wear wedding outfits that fit in with the theme. You need as many of the little details as possible to follow the motif. For example, sending out appropriately designed wedding invitations to start to set the scene.

In most cases, that means carrying on the theme to the wedding reception by having the venue decorated to reflect the right era. That includes things like the table decorations and favourites. It is also nice to choose food that reflects the theme. You can still serve a meal that suits the modern palette, but add a twist that reflects the era you are trying to recreate.

The music

For those who are theming their wedding around a musical theme the band they choose is also important. If you are holding a 60s themed celebration looking for a wedding band in York or your area, that has plenty of rock and roll on their playlist makes sense. Your guests will love dancing to the music of the era, especially if you have asked them to follow the theme and dress in 60s garb. The wedding video and photos will look great.

Where to get inspiration

If you are still at the planning stages, and are considering theming your wedding you will love the ideas shared on this page. You can use them for inspiration, and get more tips about how to plan a themed wedding.

Be clear about the theme

For themed weddings, it is very important to keep track of everything. You should keep a stylebook, with photos of every element you are planning to use. That way you can flick through it all, and quickly spot anything that does not fit in, and change it before your wedding day.