The Top Songs to Get Your Wedding Guests Out of Their Chairs and Onto the Dance Floor

Are you planning to finally tie the knot with that special someone? If so, you likely have a number of concerns that you need to address. Who will be the caterer? How many guests are attending and will the weather cooperate? Although all of these are certainly important, let’s never forget that the guests need to have a fun and memorable time. This often revolves around the type of music that you choose for the big day. Selecting the most appropriate tunes will have a very real impact upon the entire ambiance and the the ability for your guests to dance the night away should always be a priority. So, where do you begin?

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Advice from the Experts

Bidivine completely understands that you might not have the time to shuffle through hundreds of old CDs or perform extensive online research. This is the main reason why we have gone out of our way to compile a list of the most popular tunes as determined by more than 1,400 DJs who collaborate with us directly. Some of these might appear quite logical while others could present themselves as a bit of a surprise. For instance, the top five requested songs are:

  • Jackson 5: I want You Back
  • Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now
  • The Killers: Mr. Brightside
  • The Fratellis: Chelsea Dagger
  • Michael Jackson: Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Unsurprisingly, there are also some tunes which should definitely be avoided unless you want your guests running for the door. Some examples here include Gold Digger by Kanye West and Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

Top Suggestions and Things to Avoid When Planning Your Entertainment

The experts at Bidivine have gone a step further by providing you with a handful of useful tips to remember when considering the type of entertainment that you require.

Try to find music that suits the average age of your guests. The majority of weddings tend to represent a rather wide spectrum. So, always revert to the classics while adding in a modern flavour from time to time. It is also wise to avoid any songs with extremely explicit lyrics. If these songs are on the playlist, have them played later in the evening once the guests have unwound a bit.

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Slow songs are great to include, but too many will contribute to a rather dull atmosphere. Intersperse them throughout the evening for the best results. In the same respect, “cookie-cutter” tracks such as Macarena should also be kept to a minimum. While they are catchy, too many can lend a tacky feel to the wedding. Finally, it is wise to include any formal dances earlier during the event. This will enable your guests to hit the floor later without having to worry about any interruptions.

The goal of Bidivine is to provide clients with a simple and effective means to find the most trusted industry professionals with as little effort as possible.

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