The Surprise Your Groom Deserves On Your Big Day

When it comes to the wedding, sometimes it feels like the whole day is skewed a little in favor of the bride. Of course, that’s because it tends to be the bride who brings all the ideas from a lifetime of imagining and traditionally they do a lot more of the footwork in getting it all put together. But it’s nice to have something on the wedding day to throw in as a surprise for the other half of the equation as well. Let’s take a look at some ideas that might inspire just the twist that will shock and delight your groom.


Make your mark

The wedding is a big day and there are few more perfect to give himself something for those special occasions. Something he can wear and think of you every time he looks at it. Helping him choose his wedding ring and one that fits his personality or image, in particular, is a start. But you can go further than that. For instance, you can give him a little something for the wedding that he can fetch out of the safe on special nights like a pair of cufflinks or a watch. If he likes a dignified drink now and then, then an engraved hip flask can add just a touch of sophistication, too.

Guys love their gadgets

Perhaps your man isn’t all that into his displays of opulence or class. Maybe he’s more of a boy’s boy, loving his toys more than just about anything. For grown men, the action figures tend to get replaced by technology that they can waste hours learning the inner workings of. If your groom is a tech-head, then why not get him something both fun and immensely practical? Smart home systems like the Amazon Echo and Google Home don’t just give him someone to order around. They can be hooked up to the home lighting, your entertainment systems, the HVAC and just about anything to make home life more convenient.


Make his house a home

When it comes to wedding day gifts for the home, they tend to be things that you both need as a couple. Kitchen appliances, bathroom bits, and so on. But the home is more than just a shared space. It’s a space for two individuals, you and him. His tastes for what he would like in his own space might not be accounted for in the gift list, so why not get him a little addition yourself? Sites like Cuckooland have a lot of great gifts for the home that might appeal to your man in particular. If you have an office, then his corner might be the perfect place to put some barware like a new decanter and some glasses. If he’s a music lover, then a retro vinyl player might play to his tune one-hundred percent.

A day out

After the wedding, there’s a lot of pressure for the two of you to share every single bit of your life together. Everything you do has to be for the two of you and no-one can compromise for the partner. That’s just not how it is in reality. You both still have your own lives, you just tend to have someone else to witness it and be there when you return from it. If you want him to feel comfortable taking his personal time, just as you would like to be taking yours, then start off by giving him the opportunity to go for a day out that he specifically would love. For instance, if he’s a lover of a good ball game, then sites like Stubhub could be a great place to catch tickets for his team’s next game.


The journey so far

It might sound a little self-absorbed, but photos of you could really be what gets him at his most emotional. For instance, you can make a photo album of the journey you’ve both taken over the years. Dates, trips, holidays spent together, random days where you got a funny snap. Fill those pages with reminders and love notes so that he has something to look at every time he needs to remind himself why he loves you so much.

You know your future hubby better than anyone. Even if none of the ideas above have struck the mark exactly, they have probably got the wheels turning in your head for an idea of your own. Whether it’s a toy he will never get sick of playing with, something for the home he can decidedly call his, or something heartfelt he’ll treasure forever.

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