The Special Moments And Finishing Touches To Ask Your Wedding Photographer To Capture

Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task! You’ll want someone who shares the same vision as you and has a portfolio that knocks your socks off. You’ll want to gel with them like a new friend and will feel comfortable spending time with them on your big day. But once you’ve chosen who your photographer will be, the hard work isn’t quite over.

Some photographers will ask you for a list of specific images that you’d like for them to capture on the big day. Others don’t request this, but will be happy (and perhaps even grateful!) if you furnish them with it. A list of this nature doesn’t just give them clearer guidance as what you do and don’t want. It also makes sure that the most important parts of the day for you are captured. Maybe you’ve worked on the centrepieces for months. Perhaps your bridesmaids all have matching necklaces. Whatever those special moments and finishing touches are that make your day feel like yours? Be sure your wedding photographer notices them!

Your tables, centrepieces and decorations


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Have you given many hours thought and planning to exactly how you will make your venue look? Then be sure you get these details captured. Whether little or big, if they mattered to you then, they’ll make you smile in the future. Invest in some wholesale linen tablecloths to make sure that you’re presenting things like centrepieces in their best light. Your photographer will be grateful for the elegant backdrop!

The details of your outfits



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While most of the attention of your guests will go on your dress and suit, yourself and the Groom will be wearing other things too! If there are special details in your outfit or certain special items, be sure to get them captured. It might be that your something blue is a pair of vintage earrings, for example. Or your rings are matching, or have complementing engravings inside! An easy shot to get is one of your jewellery, garter, bag and ring in the morning, while you’re still getting ready!

A private moment alone


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There are undoubtedly going to be a lot of grainy phone pics snapped of your big day by friends and family. There are also likely to be some posed shots, taken by both guests and your photographer. But do as your photographer to try and capture some more candid shots. It will be the private moments alone that you grab when together that will truly stand out as special memories.

Special family members interacting


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If you have certain people attending the wedding who are VIPS to you, let your photographer know. Otherwise, they will just be faced with a mass of people. They will have no idea from this mass who are your nearest and dearest, and who you’ve invited out of politeness! It may also be that there is a special relationship that you’d love to be captured. This could be a new baby napping with her great grandmother for example. Or two old best friends reuniting for the first time in years.