The Smell of Beauty and Success

Everyone notices the lady in their office who just always smells delightful. They have this aroma which draws people in and it captures their spirit immediately. It is the same person who everyone asks ‘what’s that perfume?’ The good news is that there is no need to wonder anymore, this list will solve the question for you and might even widen your choices to a new scent.

perfume-791698_640CK One Gold Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein has been synonymous with their signature CK One scent for as long as we can remember. The scent is a classic of grand proportions and has stood the test of time, due purely to the wonderful aroma it creates. The newly launched Gold range brings a touch of elegance to the timeless bottle and relaunches it to a new audience.

Gucci Guilty Platinum for Femme Eau de Toilette

Gucci has a reputation for creating completely unique and distinctive scents. The Guilty Platinum comes in a limited edition collector’s bottle which just creates an even more intense product. The aroma changes throughout the day and matures with you into an amber and lilac aroma.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Eau de Toilette

Molten Brown are renown for making some of the most affordable, high-quality, perfumes around. Although in our experience, you will always find a bargain at lovethesales so the price shouldn’t be your primary concern. The Rosa is a mixture of roses blended together with a mix of berries. The whole aroma is finished off with a hint of cinnamon. This is the perfect perfume to be wearing around Christmas time and will always set off the right atmosphere.

Stella McCartney Pop Eau de Parfum

This Stella McCartney perfume is aimed at a younger generation and you can tell the difference immediately. The Pop has a very subtle smell to it which will not pervade a crowd but will be noticed by your nearest and dearest. The closeness of the aroma is a break from the rest of the perfumes on this list and marks this out for its uniqueness.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Arcana Rosa

L’Artisan is remarkable for its bottle just as much as the perfume within it. The bottle creates a real eye-catching feature on your dressing table and will undoubtedly become the first question people ask you. The aroma is a blend of flowers and garden scents, which complements the approach of the bottle. It is easy to see how much time they invested in getting the scent right, the number nine on the bottle is the depiction of the number of trials they performed before settling on the final solution.

Sometimes perfumes can be expensive but with a few minutes online and a search of lovethesales all of these are very affordable. These top five perfumes are a great place to start for anyone looking to find their own, personal scent. One you have found one, there’s always scope to try another.