The Best Wedding Venue in South Wales

That first kiss with the hot guy from the other class. The first time you went on holiday without your parents. They are the nice ones, then you have that time you made that horrendously inappropriate comment in the meeting with those clients. It still sends that shiver down your spine even years later.

The are days you will never forget for either good or bad reasons and there are days that really should be remembered for all the right reasons.


Your wedding day should and could be the most special moment of your life.

You stand up in front of all your friends and your family. You show your love and commitment to your best friend and soul mate. This is the moment when all those nervous laughs and sweaty hands fade away.

It is the moment ‘you’ become a ‘we’, the pair of you are now inseparable. For better or worse, you will stand as a united front against all that life has to throw against you and bask in all the joys that it brings as well.

These are the moments you will want to look back on and cherish. These are the memories which are worth their weight in gold.

So you plan for the perfect day. You have found the perfect cake. There’s the dress which makes you look stunning and you have sampled every  Wedding Venue South Wales  has. There isn’t a stately home, church or public house you haven’t seen and experienced. You’ve planned exactly which photos you want and who should be in them. You know the colour of each table centre piece and how this relates specifically to those guests on that table.

You even know which of your uncles is immediately banned from the bar and how you’re going to ensure that he gets the orange juice to toast with.

There are a thousand things to consider when you do start to plan your own wedding, which is why most couples will start to collect their scrap books from years before they have even said yes. The perfect wedding does not just drop out of the sky. It takes a whole series of mood boards purely aimed at the colour of the groom’s handkerchief.

Yet, in all seriousness, there is a lot to think about and there are the things you just wouldn’t consider to be an issue. One of the biggest decisions to make is the venue. Do not leave this decision until the last minute. The good ones will be booked up over a year in advance and you will want to have the choice of good ones to make sure you have no regrets when it does come to saying ‘I do’.

So, book it early, include a picture of it on your wedding invites to make sure that everyone knows you have the dream start to your most memorable of days.