The Best Tips for a Unique Wedding Day

Everybody wants a unique wedding day, don’t they? I don’t know anybody who wants their wedding day to blend in with the rest. It’s your special day, and it should reflect your unique personality as a couple. Hopefully you can use a few of the tips in this guide to help you!

Research Wedding Day Themes

You can have so many different themes on your wedding day, you don’t need to go for traditional if that’s not your style! You could have a glamorous wedding, something colourful, or even something vintage. You can then make sure you carry your wedding day theme throughout every aspect of the day, e.g. the invites. Paper themes vintage wedding invites could help you!


Incorporate Your Personalities

Make sure you take yours and your partner’s personalities into account when planning the big day. For instance, if your husband is a huge football fan, you could incorporate some football style elements. You could have teams for table names for example. Just get creative and use your imagination to make this day your own!

Drop Traditions That Don’t Mean Anything to You

Some people like to stick to tradition simply because it’s easier. However, if a tradition doesn’t mean anything to you, then feel free to drop it and maybe replace it with something that does. For example, some people say you can’t see the groom before you’re married on the day. Many couples are now opting to see each other before the chaos starts and have a nice quiet time where they can enjoy the feeling of what they are about to do!

Have Some Surprise Entertainment

Why not surprise your guests with some unexpected entertainment? Maybe you could have a group of dancers come in during dinner to entertain everybody. You could even have a comedian or another kind of performer. Some people even opt to entertain their guests themselves and come up with a really interesting first dance! You can find plenty of great ideas on youtube!

Put Your Own Spin on Everything

Whatever it is you’re planning for your wedding, put your own spin on it. Wear a different type of dress. If you don’t like wearing dresses, don’t wear one at all! This is your day to do with what you want and there’s absolutely no reason you need to stick to tradition. Don’t feel pressured or obligated. If something speaks to you, then do it!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most amazing days of your life. Whatever happens, you’re going to remember it forever! This is why you need to make sure that this day is all about you. Change things that you don’t want to include, and include things you love. Don’t worry about what other people think. This is your day. You don’t want to have any regrets in the future, especially when it involves a day like this. If you have tips of your own, leave them below. See you again soon!

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