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Award Winning Photo from Archibald Photography
Award Winning Photo from Archibald Photography

Award Winning Photo from Archibald Photography

Every week I like to list a couple of the blogs (wedding ones obviously!) that have been keeping me entertained, inspiring me to write about wedding stuff or where there are a plethora of pics that I can cast my beady eyes on… so this week here goes…..

Given that some of my post popular posts on LMW are on wedding flowers I thought that I would share the Planet Flowers blog with you. I have featured lots of their wedding arrangements in the past and I have to say that their blog has lots of inspiration. I love this recent post with all their autumnal flower arrangements at Lennoxlove House – great to see florists using seasonal flowers in their work – the orange and amber colours give such a warm and lovely feeling to the wedding.

And another Scottish wedding supplier… (I know I featured one last week but I can’t help it that there are lots of good wedding photographers coming out of Scotland!) This week its the Archibald Photography blog that took my fancy – I love peeking at all their wedding photos, stealing some tips and ideas and most importantly checking out all the grooms dressed up in their kilts!. Check out their blog to see some of their recent weddings and work, including the lovely picture (that one there) from their recent wedding fashion shoot for Lindsay Fleming (which has just won Mark a Gold SWPP award). I have to say the dress is beautiful but its really the way that picture is shot and the background that does it for me.

Talking of photographers there is one UK bridal blogger that loves showcasing the work of talented wedding photographers and I can definitely recommend her blog. I always planned to include it in my weekly round up but because there was so much to talk about we ended up doing a bit of an interview with Kat. If you didn’t get to read it yesterday catch up here on my behind the scenes chat with Kat from and get reading what she has to say about weddings the Rocknroll way!

I have also found a couple of cool blogs that I have been following one of them is ‘Seven Weddings (but only one wedding to organise)’. This is the postings, ideas and thoughts of Gee as she travels to 7 of her friends weddings in the run up to her own. You have to read their engagement story which had me completely taken as its so sweet – who said romance was dead?! Some really cool bits on there, like her post on Swish socks for the groom and ushers. I love a bit of fancy footwork so that sort of thing completely appeals to me (on that note I should post about my husband’s gold shoes that he wore to our wedding!)

And like my post last week on wedding blogs I was going to review 5 of my favourites but already I think I have rambled on enough for one day. I hope that I have opened your eyes to some of the fabulous UK wedding blogs that are out there on the net – let me know your thoughts and recommendations for where else I should be reading and lets share the wedding blog love!