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At the weekend I was lucky enough to meet up with David and Grace from award winning designers, Lindsay Fleming, who were down from Scotland meeting up with brides. I got to chat to them about their gorgeous 1920′s inspired wedding collection, their celtic dresses and to have a sneek preview at the amazing designs for their new 1950′s collection.
1950's wedding dress shoot I first heard of Lindsay Fleming, when I was sent some amazing photos of their 1920′s inspired wedding dress collection, photographed by Archibald Photography at House for an Art Lover, in Glasgow and The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. This has gone on to be one of my most popular posts ever on LMW and you can see why – the photos and the dresses are stunning. Mark-Archibald 1920's inspired wedding dress shoot
When we met last weekend I was able to have a look at their stunning 1920′s inspired dresses from the ‘All That Jazz’ Collection – each one beautifully designed, handmade by Grace and some with incredibly intricate detailing. These dresses are fantastic value, starting from £1150 and going up to £2400.
Unsuprisingly, the ‘All That Jazz’ Collection brought with it a good deal of PR coverage in many of the glossy bridal mags, with dresses from the collection featuring in bridal shoots, and all the wedding blogs (like mine) desperate to get a piece of the action. I hear from Grace and David that brides travel from far and wide (US, Holland, France, Italy) to come to their bridal shop in the tiny Scottish Village of Abington to buy the dress of their dreams.
1950's wedding dress close up
Now Grace is hard at work on her new collection of 1950’s wedding dresses. It’s a natural move on from her recent 1920’s inspired collection, and something that she and Mark Archibald (the photographer) believe will be much in demand. I had a look at some of the sketches for the new collection (which you can also see on Love My Dress blog) and some photos from a recent fashion shoot. Grace and David are lucky enough to have a daughter-in-law that looks stunning modelling these dresses, again, photographed by award winning photographers, Archibald Photography.
1950's wedding collectionback of 1950's wedding dress1950's wedding dress collection
I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection. Do make sure that you check out both their sites – whilst Grace is the dress designer, her husband, David, looks after all the marketing and the website for Lindsay Fleming – he is clearly a busy man as there is loads there, including photos and sketches of the new collection. And be sure to take a look at award winning photographers, Archibald Photography for lots of other gorgeous wedding photos and inspiration.

What do you think of the sneak preview – do you like the idea of a 1950′s dress??