Supercar, Super Ceremony

You’ve found a characterful church in a scenic location; after 15 samples, the bride’s choice of flowers have been selected; she’s picked gorgeous dresses for her bridal party, including her own; the menu is brimming with delectable treats that are sure to please your guests; and the in-laws-to-be are pacified with a fine selection of wines. Tick these boxes and you have yourself an ideal wedding. Well, very nearly. To add a tasty cherry atop an already sumptuous cake, turbo charge the day by hiring a luxury supercar.

Ferrari Wedding

Supercar hire is fast becoming a requisite feature for a truly memorable wedding. It’s not only the feeling of glamour and luxury on the day but the memories and unique photographs that can be enjoyed for the rest of your lives.

The only real issue with adding a supercar to your wedding wish list is that this decision then leads to a whole host of others: as well as decisions about floral shades and dress fabrics, much more interesting choices are now yours to consider, including ‘which vehicle would be perfect for the big day?’

Ferrari Wedding

Many supercar hire companies in the UK offer a white collection that caters for weddings, incorporating a selection of the finest automobiles on the planet. Classic hire brands include Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Jaguar and a host of other luxurious models. However, for true devotees it is also possible to hire hyper cars: these include Koenigsegg, Pagani, Nissan GTR, McLaren, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

While many may appreciate the aesthetic allure of a luxury supercar on a wedding day, some may question their practicality.

Thankfully, it is also possible to choose from a range of spectacular vehicles that are available with weddings in mind and are either easy to access or chauffeur-driven.

The Range Rover Vogue offers a classy solution to travelling in a wedding dress: its high ride height and spacious cabin easily caters for large dresses and bouquets of flowers. With prices starting at £245, it offers an affordable means to make an impressive entrance on your special day. Also available are luxury saloons including Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls Royce that perhaps offer more room, comfort and ease of movement than the supercars. For summer weddings especially the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead and Bentley Continental convertible are lovely options if the weather prevails.

Aternatively, a chauffeur-driven supercar eradicates the potential stresses that often hinder the enjoyment of your wedding. Vehicles in this range include Spykers, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Koenigsegg, in addition to the aforementioned prestige class of vehicles – none of which are likely to give credence to excuses of late arrival.

Ferrari Wedding

The matrimony of bride, groom and machine is a truly inspirational unification. Spurred by the knowledge that a V12 engine is waiting for you, why walk down the aisle when you could run?