Spring Wedding Flowers – Hyacinths all the way.

There aren’t nearly enough spring weddings flowers around – I regularly get pictures of lovely bright summery wedding bouquets, but the autumn and spring arrangements don’t get nearly as much air time. So I thought I’d change that by posting this beautiful spring bridal bouquet, sent to me (and photographed) by Planet Flowers.
There must be lots of you getting married in Spring that are looking for inspiration and ideas for your flowers. Well, if you’re anything like me, and don’t even have a clue what will be in season its definitely worth thinking about including hyacinths in the mix – fresh, seasonal and smell Amazing.

Spring Wedding Bouquet

and here are the names for those of you wondering (I was)
Blue Grape Hyacinths, Paperwhites, Roses, White Lilac, Ranunculus

The couple, who got married at Inveraray Castle, last Spring, chose hyacinths all the way – so fresh, so simple and the venue must have smelt divine! Its all about choosing local and seasonal flowers – you can’t have peonies all year round!. It seems that Planet Flowers always help their brides to choose flowers that fill the bill and hence looks fresh and gorgeous, whatever the time of year. Spring is a great time for scented flowers so don’t forget that these will be in bloom too : snowdrops, blossom, tulips, daffodils and anemones.

Are you planning a spring wedding? If so what flowers are you going for?

Mara Rose Naismith

I was looking at flower sites for a long, long time but instead of real flowers I decide to opt for artificial. They last forever and they’re far cheaper than real flowers. Not only that, they are every bit as real loking as the real mcCoy.

We ended up buying our flowers at http://www.silkblooms.co.uk. They’re amazing. I submitted a testimonial there so you can see my gerberer style bouquet. I’m glad I went for artificial flowers as I still have them six months later. They never wilt.

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