Some top tips that wedding planners use

When planning the biggest event of your lifetime, namely your wedding, it is important to be on top of all the small details. Sometimes things can go wrong, and it is often not the fault of the person was planning the event.


Use the following tips to get on top of all the minor details of your big day, and you should be able to plan an event that is spoken about for years to come. These are the tips that the top wedding planners use always when making sure an event goes smoothly.

Always be certain that there is nothing else major happening at the same time and in the same area as your wedding. In the past, happy couples have found that their wedding has been slightly ruined, at the very least, by a nature walk that is going on nearby for example.

Or they may have found that a major trade event or conference is taking place down the road from their wedding, and parking is a huge issue for the big day. Take your time to look at the calendar of local events around the time of your wedding, and you should be able to avoid any embarrassing coincidences.

Think carefully about all the possibilities that may occur regarding the weather. Prepare for all aspects of weather issues, including hot weather. If you’re experiencing unusually hot weather in the weeks after an event, consider having insect repellent spray around the tents and the area in which the wedding is taking place.

Your guests will be thankful for the opportunity to get rid of the bugs that come in the hot weather, and this will ensure that they are stress free and more likely to enjoy themselves. While it is your big day, it is also an important day for your guests, especially the family and friends aspect.

One relatively new tip is to take out a credit card to let you pay for much of your expenses for the wedding. This is because credit cards allow you to accumulate reward points for various retailers, including major supermarket chains.

The more reward points you accumulate, the better you will be after the event. Being able to pay for a months worth of groceries simply because you use the credit card, and wisely, means that you’ll have a more comfortable first month after your honeymoon. It all makes sense, and more and more people are doing this just because they can pay off their credit card but retain the points.

So there are some incredibly useful tips that event planners themselves use when planning a wedding. It kind of makes sense to make sure that nothing else is happening near the events, and using your credit card, for example, to make sure you have some kind of spending ability after one of the most expensive times of your life makes the most sense. Bottom line is that the more planning you do, the better your wedding will be.

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