Six Essential Dos and Don’ts For Wedding Night Entertainment

Your wedding day should be the most memorable of your life for all the right reasons. The marriage that comes after is what’s really important, but the day itself should sparkle and live long in the memory. After all, if you do it right, you only do it once!

If you want to ensure that your big day is as idyllic as you always dreamed it would be, it’s helpful to follow a few dos and don’ts. These will allow you to have the perfect reception without having to worry about the imperfect credit card bill a month later.

DO pick the right photographer for the day.



Just because everyone has a camera on their phone these days, it doesn’t mean everyone is a photographer. You don’t have to look too far and wide to see people’s wedding photo scare stories. Your in-laws will be allies for life, so don’t start this alliance with wedding photos where they’re missing their heads.

DON’T overspend on flowers. Bouquets are lovely, and by all means, the bride should have something special. But come the reception, if you want fresh flowers on every table it’s going to get expensive. People drink at wedding receptions, and most of the attendees won’t know or care if you put synthetic flowers on the tables. Silk flowers are a realistic option with a touch of class all of their own, with a price tag you’ll find more agreeable.

DO make sure you get the DJ you want for the wedding night.


Don’t pick someone who’ll make themselves the star of the show – that’s your role. A quick web search will throw up experienced, expert artists. Talent like We R DJs or others, who recognise who the night’s about and ensure that your first dance is the stuff of fairytales. Your guests will have a blast, too.

DON’T concern yourself too much with party favours. A good reception will mean people move about, let their hair down and join in a shared experience. Half of the gift bags will end up left on seats or in corners. Often, the only people to comment on them are the ones complaining. Get nice gifts for the bridesmaids by all means – but you’re already feeding the rest and giving them a night out. Isn’t that gift enough?

DO make sure you have the right outfit for the evening.


Wedding dresses are beautiful, romantic, dramatic and a lot more besides. What they are not is comfortable. Having spent the day smiling through the pain, make sure your outfit for the reception is a show-stopper, but still allows you room to breathe.

DON’T sweat the menu options. Among your guests will be vegetarians and vegans, people with gluten intolerance and others. They need to be considered when setting a menu. Aside from that, don’t worry about providing more menu options than the Ivy. It’s impractical and expensive.

At the end of this night, you’re likely to fall over into bed, ready to sleep for a full day. So when you look back on it, it helps to know that it was a day worth remembering.