Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall: The rings which sealed the marriage of the year

Rupert and Jerry

Even a year ago media mogul and model Jerry Hall wouldn’t have been a couple many people would have forecast being an item, let alone married. However, on 4 March, the celebrity pair tied the knot in London at the 18th century Spencer Palace in London, followed by a ceremony the following day at St. Bride’s Church, Fleet Street.

This whirlwind 5-month romance was sealed to the clicking of the paparazzi of the world as was their first public appearance after they announced their engagement. The question then on the lips of brides to be, jewellery designers and fashion editors alike was ‘what does her engagement ring look like?’

The ring

Having a ring off the shelf was never really going to be on the cards for Jerry Hall when Rupert Murdock proposed and true to form he really went for the highest quality diamond possible. The ring he presented is rumoured to have cost £2.4 million and has a single marquise cut 10-carat diamond set into it. With a band of yellow gold, it puts the ring into the bracket of being one of the largest engagement rings in the world and is already being predicted to be the style of the season with a rise in marquise diamonds requested set to take place in the coming months. Whilst the designer of her ring is yet to be revealed, it’s sure to jettison him or her into the upper echelons of jewellery craftsmanship and to be lauded as a designer to be seen making a purchase from.

How to emulate the ring of a supermodel

If you’re hoping to be proposed to at some time soon, you were proposed to on Valentine’s Day and haven’t decided on a ring, or you want a stunning ring to sit in a box to go down on bended knee to ask the big question, looking to the styles worn by celebrities such as Jerry really gives an indication of what is going to be on-trend this year as well as a style which looks stunning.

At the beginning of this year, the marquise diamond was forecast to be one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings and the choice of Rupert Murdoch for his bride will now make it even more desirable. It’s a more unusual stone to choose and is long, curved and pointed at each end. Also known less commonly as the Navette shape (meaning little boat because of the resemblance to the hull of a vessel), it usually has 56-58 facets. It’s an excellent cut to maximise the carat weight because it has the illusion of appearing larger than other stones of a similar carat size. First cut in 1745, the marquise diamond was initially seen in the courts of France after King Louis Xv commissioned a ring for Madame de Pompadour. He said he wanted a design which was the same shape as her lips and the marquise was born.

How to learn more

For ideas how to set a marquise to look at its very best, learning about the options at Your Diamond Guru means you’ll know how to maximise the radiance and colour from within. It’s a wonderful cut to choose which elongates the finger and has the perfect combination of being something a little more unusual when compared to round and princess cut diamonds but still exudes classic sophistication and timeless fashion.