Pitching The Perfect Hen Do

For a bridesmaid, there can be very few jobs which are even on the same scale as having to organise the perfect Hen Do. The wedding day has some vital points in it, but as long as the bride walks down the aisle in a dress and says ‘I do’, then the bridesmaids are pretty fine.

The Hen Do on the hand is more of a challenge. It will be talked about and remembered on every drunk night from the wedding onward. People will forget the flowers and the table centre pieces, but they will never forget Claire’s mum singing Waterloo from the stripper pole in Benidorm.

photo-booth-wedding-party-girls-160420Even if Claire’s mum wanted to forget it, the memories will live on forever and the smiles they bring to everyone’s faces are worth the twinges of embarrassment.

So organising the Hen Do is important. It is important to have the right mix of highs and lows. To make sure that there are the really big moments with everyone singing their heads off, but also the quieter moments where people are able to share their funny stories about the bride.

The times sat around a table, just explaining to people the bonds which formed back in year 11. The crushes you both had on the same boy and the way he cared more about football than girls. These are the best times in the Hen Do.

The quiet times aren’t the ones talked about in depth, they are not the ones which every man wants to know about. These are the moments which help to bond those friendships even further. It is these moments which create a great Hen Do and it is these moments which are sadly missing from the average Hen Do.

The most difficult part of the quiet times is not getting the quiet times, but getting from them and up to the loud and drunk stories.

This needs planning. There is the obvious solution of just adding alcohol. It seems to work in ninety percent of scenarios, but there is always the risk of over doing it and not being able to leave the house. A bottle of vodka or Baileys could be introduced and then hope that everyone manages to make it out for the rest of the night’s festivities.

Food is the second option. Have the quiet time, then moving to the big table for some pizza and finger food. It gives everyone the chance to head to the bathroom, freshen up, put on a face for the night out or even just to get dressed up. The food is the excuse to have the break from group time, it gives people the freedom to make the most of their time. It helps to split up the evening and still put something in people’s stomachs to help absorb the alcohol which is coming later on.

Then there is the other school of thought. The one which could take people by surprise. Get a couple of tablets out and send everyone to TheBingoOnline.com. Put all the girls into the same game and have a mass-game of bingo. Getting everyone involved in the same game is a certain way of making sure that all of the girls are involved in the fun. It will pull the mood away from the quiet and back into the loud times ready for the bar.

However you plan your Hen Do, just remember to plan in the movements from the quiet times up to the bar times. Both are key components of a great night out and both will be vital to your success in being the best bridesmaid ever.

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