Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress

Getting married is exciting and so is picking your wedding dress. However, finding that perfect dress that takes your’s and everyone else’s breath away can be hard. You might have to try on dozens of dresses before you find that single dress that you love and have to buy. Here are a few steps you can follow to help you get that perfect dress you always dreamt about.

Bride holding shoes

Start Early

You need to start looking early. You can easily go into several wedding dress shops, try on a handful of dresses and not like any of them. That is why you want to start as early as possible. It is worth taking pictures of you in each dress so that if you are having trouble choosing, then you can quickly see what you looked like in each dress. The sooner you start the trying on processes, though, the more dresses you will be able to try on, and the more time you will have. The last thing you want is for the wedding date to creep up and for you to have not picked your dress yet.

Keep An Open Mind

There is nothing wrong with have a clear vision of what your perfect wedding dress will look like. However, you will want to do your best to keep an open mind. It is worth trying on dresses that you might not immediately like because they can surprise you. Trying on different dresses will help you to nail down exactly what you like and dislike about each design and this will, in turn, help point you closer in the direction of your favourite dress. You can never know when your perfect dress will appear, so keep an open mind about which wedding dress shops you visit, too. When it comes to picking wedding dresses no amount of travel is too-much. Whilst the internet helps massively, if you have to journey to the ends of the earth and beyond to find that perfect dress, then it will be worth it for the centerpiece of the big day.


Your wedding dress is about more than just the dress. The accessories that you are going to wear on your wedding day will dictate what kind of dress you choose. If you are planning to wear a veil, earrings, a tiara or something else, then you will want a wedding dress that your accessories compliment.  If you intend to wear these kinds of things on your wedding day, then you should try to bring them dress shopping with you so that you can see what the entire outfit will look like. There is little point picking a dress that you love only to find that you don’t like how it looks when you are wearing your Grandma’s earrings.

Set a Budget

This one is very boring, and we are sorry about that. However, it is no less important. You need to have a realistic budget and do your best only to see and try on dresses that are within that budget. If you start looking at dresses outside your budget and find one that you love, you will be devastated when you can’t afford it.