Petals and Promises: How to Find a Great Florist for Your Wedding Day

With weddings, the magic lies in the details. Flowers are a key part of any wedding whether casual or white-tie fancy, in the backyard or at an upscale hotel, and finding the right florist can really make or break the vision you’ve long had in mind. Because your florist will play such an integral role to your big day, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will help you find the right florist for the job.

peonies-2044874_640Build Flowers into the Budget

Make room in your budget for flowers. While the bulk of your costs will be eaten up from the food, the drinks and the venue, floral costs typically hang around 8-10% of the overall budget.

Get a Sense of What You Like

Take it all in! Fill up that Pinterest board with color ideas, playful arrangements and more. Whether you’re looking for something offbeat that fits your personality or that leans more toward the classic, you’ll want plenty of inspiration before you visit the florist. Plus, this site has a ton of inspiration from weddings both classic and modern.

Interview Your Florists

You’ll want to find the right person for the job just like anyone you’d hire in your day-to-day work life. Make sure you find a person whose tastes and personality are in line with your own, and things will run much more smoothly. The Knot has a good list of criteria, too, if you’re still at a loss of what to ask for.

Theme, Season and Beyond – Get the Right Flowers for the Job

Themes can be as simple as a favorite color or as complex as a masquerade ball or a 1920s affair. Consider the vibe you’re trying to cultivate, as well as the colors, as they will serve as the canvas for the bouquets. Additionally, time of year matters. Certain flowers may not be in season for your winter wedding, while summer events may want to lean more towards keeping things light, fresh and seasonal. A good florist will create arrangements that reinforce the wedding’s theme for a really special experience. You may need to consult with several florists before you find one that truly “gets” your vision.

Consider the Clothes

From the bridesmaids’ dresses to the suits, and of course, the bride’s dress, the whole look of the wedding can be determined by how the flowers work with the wardrobe. A good florist will ask about the dresses and will need to see pictures to get a sense of how these components can work together. Additionally, you’ll want to discuss the scale of the bouquets, the shape and more to get your vision made into reality.

Time is of the Essence

You’ll want to book your florist early so you can discuss all the logistics, how the bouquet ties into the theme, and more. As with your dress, the venue and all the little details, the flowers need to be locked down early to ensure you get what you want. Florists work with growers and will need to essentially reserve flowers for larger events like weddings.

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