Pain-Free Shopping?

Is there such a thing as pain-free shopping? I’m asking for a friend.

You see if there isn’t then I’ve just had the most amazingly mundane dream and to be honest I want my sleep back.

I am a planner by nature. I need to know what we are doing and where we are doing it. I need to know the shops we are going to and what they will be selling. Before any trip to any shopping centre, I will already know exactly what I want and how much it should be going for.

people-2581913_640I will have researched the bargains and I will know where the sales are happening. It is something that always allows me to get the most out of all of my shopping trips and allows me to spend the least amount of time walking around aimlessly.

At least, that is the dream and it was the dream last weekend. My better half suggested heading up to Liverpool ONE so that she could be a dress for one of the million work functions she goes to. I really don’t know why she needs a new dress, the last one was really nice and she has only worn that once. But as she tells me, I’m a bloke and really don’t get it.

So when she suggested Liverpool ONE, it took me milli-seconds to get online and start researching where we were going to go. I had a quick look at the list of events in Liverpool ONE for our weekend, then decided that I had better think about which shops we would be heading to.

Dress shopping is not the best of experiences for any man. But there is a way to survive it and to actually make it enjoyable. I planned and I mean I really planned the day out. We would go into one dress shop and then on our way to the next dress shop, we would happen to walk passed an ice-cream seller, or a sports shop. By the time we had walked out of the third dress shop and somehow, on our way to the fourth, we managed to walk passed a coffee shop, she knew something was up.

It wasn’t that she minded being bought an ice-cream or a nice cup of coffee, it was actually the opposite. We had managed to make our shopping trip an enjoyable day. The little breaks for a snack or a drink had taken away all of the tension being built up, by the near constant frustration with not being able to find the perfect dress.

If we were to put a #UltimateShoppingExperience on anything, it would have to be that a married couple managed to spend the whole day together and not only did we buy the perfect dress, in the ninth shop we tried, but we also managed not to argue once.

Maybe it was all the coffee and ice-cream or maybe it was just Liverpool ONE, I don’t mind either way.

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