Need Reasons to Get Married? Love shouldn’t be the Only One

A wedding is a special day and we all hope it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, the aim is not only to make the occasion extra special but to build a relationship that can last a lifetime. This means that when you do finally decide to tie the knot, you need to do so for the right reasons. Once you know that you’ve found a person who shares your values, goals and aspirations, you can go ahead and start looking for the best reception venues. And, with the growing trend of destination weddings, what could be more convenient or scenic than hosting your special day at one of the best luxury hotels in Milton Keynes.

pexels-photo-70291Experts at Woughton House MGallery by Sofitel, one of the most popular wedding venues in Milton Keynes, say that weddings are a stressful time, with both the bride and the groom wanting the occasion to be near perfect, which is why it is crucial for the staff at the venue to take responsibility to make the celebration a success.

However, before you start planning the celebration, here are some things to think about.
Reasons You Should Never Get Married For

When planning for a wedding, we do it as if it will be the last thing we do in life! People invest in expensive dresses that they’ll probably never wear or even see again, research the best reception venues, think of how to create the best memories via photographs and videos and more. However, do we spend as much time and effort to assess whether we are getting married for the right reasons?

Here are a few things that should definitely not be the reason for your marriage:

  • To get rid of your loneliness
  • To get a lifetime sexual partner
  • To shut those people up who are pressurizing you to get married
  • To live your dream of having a fancy wedding
  • To complete yourself

All these reasons aren’t exactly the wrong reasons to get married, but they are definitely not the right reasons either. Before you actually propose, it is really important to take a hard look at the motivations that are driving you to get married.

Getting Married for Love is Not Enough

Getting married is often our response to tradition, family, culture or religion. However, marriage is not an activity that should be done as a ritual. The union of two people should be the result of their never-ending love that compels them to spend every waking moment with each other. However, there is the need to use some logic too. With the speed with which you fall in love, there are chances you might fall out of it too. The reasons for this could be changed circumstances, thinking and perception.

Look for Compatibility Instead

The most common reason why most people get divorced is that over time they realise that they have nothing in common. Compatibility is a crucial factor that ensures that you are two individuals who are likely to think similarly and therefore have lesser chances of conflict. It is better to marry your best friend than marry after a short but passionate affair.

Once you are sure you are ready to say your “I dos,” consider a destination wedding, such as those offered by the reception venues at luxury hotels in Milton Keynes with free parking & electric car charging points and really close to some great tourist attractions, such as Silverstone, Woburn Safari Park, Xscape, Central Shopping Milton Keynes and Milton Keynes Stadium.

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