Mother of the Bride Outfits for a Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are growing in popularity as brides and grooms tap into the glamour of yesteryear that provides them with a brilliant ready made wedding theme. They are opting to replicate the weddings of virtually every era you can think of. These weddings are great fun, and the photos and videos usually look fantastic.

vintage-1485644_640Guests love vintage weddings

The majority of guests really love attending vintage themed weddings. They offer something a bit different. Everyone gets the chance to dress up in a new way and almost become someone else for the day.

Most mothers of the bride enjoy them too especially because they have a strong theme to follow when choosing their outfit. This makes the process of deciding what to wear an awful lot simpler. A strong vintage wedding theme provides a great clothing template for the guests to follow.

The trick is to be clear, from the start, what the theme is. The earlier you make everyone aware of the look and feel you are trying to achieve, the easier it is for them to find an outfit that will fit in well.

Shop online

Often, the mother of the bride gets the chance to turn back the clock a bit and potentially wear their favourite style of clothes. In the past, finding clothing to fit into a vintage theme meant shopping in specialist clothes shops. Largely this is no longer the case.

Most High Street retailers have tapped into the vintage wedding market and now sell fantastic mother of the bride outfits. Most stores sell outfits that are suitable for virtually every style of wedding and many give you the chance to shop online should you want to.

Of course, it depends a bit on the era that has been chosen. For example, if you opt for a Victorian themed wedding you may not find suitable dresses from mainstream stores. However, often, you will still be able to buy the accessories and appropriate jewellery from mainstream stores.

An outfit that complements the theme

Given the fact that the mother of the bride is going to play a big role in her daughter’s wedding day it is particularly important that her outfit complements the couple’s look. Her outfit does not necessarily have to be an exact match, but it should blend in.

Naturally, the mother of the bride wants everyone’s eyes to be on her daughter. Choosing a simple, classically cut outfit, with a hint of luxury is a good way to achieve this balance.

An outfit that is comfortable

Practical considerations like how easy it is to walk in the shoes are important. This is particularly the case if you are planning to wear a style, or type of, clothing that you have never worn before. For example, if your outfit includes a corset you need to get used to wearing one all day before the wedding.

Little details matter

With a vintage wedding outfit, it is particularly important to finish it off with the right accessories. Wearing modern jewellery with a 1920s or 30s style dress can totally ruin your look.

Provided the mother of the bride follows these simple steps, they will look wonderful on their daughter’s wedding day.