Marvellous Manchester: Stylish Hen Party Ideas

Manchester is often regarded as the capital of the north, and it isn’t difficult to see why. There’s so much going on there it’s become very cosmopolitan. It has everything that a big city requires and then some! If you’re trying to decide where to hold your hen weekend, then Manchester should be top of the list. There are so many things to do; you’ll want to come back because you’ll never be able to fit them all in one weekend. The people are friendly; the atmosphere is exciting. In fact, the whole of Manchester is buzzing!



So what do you know about Manchester? Let’s see. There’s Manchester United and Manchester City, the two footballing giants, for a start. Then you’ve got the musical heritage. Think everything from The Smiths, The Inspiral Carpets, and The Stone Roses. And that’s not even touching the sides! Then there’s Coronation Street, who hasn’t grown up watching the antics of the iconic neighbourhood. And let’s not forget the shopping…. The Lancashire city has some of the best shops in the UK, no contest!

If you’re into indie and are cool as ice, then head over to the Northern quarter. Everything alternative rules here. So if you’re not a typical bar crawling hen night party then, this is definitely a much cooler option. Some of the best music from the last 35 years has hailed from here. Why not check out some of the up and coming venues for new talent, you might even spot the Next Oasis!

If you want to do a proper old fashioned hen night bar crawl, then you are spoilt for choice. IF you want to move between the cool Northern Quarter and the ever so sophisticated Deansgate, then why not hire a limo and do it in style. There are lots of different companies just like Limos North West, who will chauffeur you in style and safety. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t lose track of anyone, after all, you need to stay safe! Mancunians tend to be very friendly and welcoming, but you can never be too careful!

If you want to do something other than drink, then why not factor in a little education on your trip. After all, learning is fun, and you might just discover something you didn’t know before! #The Museum of Science and Industry is housed in a 19th-century railway station. It tells the story of manchester’s industrial past, and yes you what the future may hold for this fabulous city. It’s not so grim up north as you may have been led to believe!

If you’re a foodie, your Sunday hangover will be made much better. How? Try the fantastic Sunday Lunch at Malmaison. You’re going to need to be hungry, there are over six coursed for you to choose from, and some fabulous desserts. If you felt your frock was a tight the night before, you’ll be needing an elasticated waistband by the time you’re done here!

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