Mad About Music? Consider These Fun Ideas For Your Big Day!

For many of us, music is a huge part of our lives. Maybe it’s a passion of yours or your partners, or perhaps its music that brought you two together in the first place. If you’re mad about melody, you might be thinking of ways you can theme your wedding based on your love of music- and actually there are plenty of ideas for going about it.


Incorporate song lyrics into your wedding vows

Writing your own wedding vows really allows you to add something extra special to your day. You’re not just making generic promises, you’re conveying an incredibly meaningful message and something that’s personal to you. If you have song lyrics that really speak to you, and convey a message in a better way than you could yourself then why not utilise them? There’s plenty of advice online about how to do this, and incorporate them in a way that sounds very genuine without being cheesy!

Hire a live band

Most people tend to go down the route of having a DJ play their wedding music. Which is all well and good, but as someone that really appreciates music, you’ll know that nothing sounds as good as hearing it played live! There are live bands that actually specialise in weddings, take The Smooth Criminals wedding band for example. They will know the etiquette involved and have plenty of experience in playing on people’s most special days. Alternatively, you could hire a local band that you love, or if you have loved ones that are excellent singers or musicians you could ask them to play. It sets an incredible atmosphere, makes for great wedding entertainment and is a little bit different too.

Use music inspired decorations

How about incorporating music into your decoration, invitations and place settings? If you’re crafty, things like roses or confetti can be created out of pages of song lyrics or sheet music. You could name tables after your favourite band members, or decorate things like mirrors using song lyrics and chalk pens. You could turn things like CDs or old vinyl records into decorations and so much more. If you love to craft then you can have a fantastic time doing this, and could get really creative with it. Whether you go full on or have it as a subtle theme, there are plenty of ideas you could run with and really make each item personal to you.

Consider music inspired wedding favours

One cool idea for incorporating music into your wedding favours would be to give guests USB sticks. You can get these in all kinds of shapes, and can easily find guitar, keyboard, piano and other musical instrument designs. You could then fill the USB with the songs from your wedding for a really personal way for people to revisit the day. It’s something unique and different to what people are likely to have received as wedding favours before.

Was music a big part of your wedding day?

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