Lighting Up Your Day To Remember

There are many days and events, where no matter how old or mature we get, we will always remember every little detail of.

That first kiss with the hottie from the year above. Making the plans to meet at lunch and feeling that nervous excitement of what was surely going to be a life changing moment. The walk from the classroom, across the playground and to the back corner of the field. You will forever remember every single step of it.

These moments don’t get lost in time, but merely get added to. If you were to ask anyone for their favourite story, it will be one of these moments. The life changing ones. They will be able to tell you every moment of it.


Mine is a pretty obvious choice. Almost too obvious, but still it is my favourite story. It is the one which makes me smile just sat here thinking about telling it. IT is the one moment of pure unadulterated joy and shock and complete surprise, that I think I have ever really felt.

It was nothing to do with the time of year, the winter had set in and we were fighting to have a white Christmas. It had nothing to do with the location, we were sat out in our back garden trying to get a log fire burning. It had nothing to do with the guests and people around us, as it was just me and my partner.

It had nothing to do with any of these, because it was all of them combined. He had spent the whole morning putting up a set of festive lights in the garden. We had this starry effect of twinkling lights going all over the pagoda. He had then somehow, managed to convince me to sit outside in the snow with him, watching the shooting stars around our open fire.


The whole scene was one out of a proper romantic comedy. We were just falling about laughing as we completely failed to get the fire lit. We were sat shivering in the cold, icy snow and yet he refused to let me go inside.

It all became crystal clear, when after one really impressive shooting star went across the sky and he asked me if I had made a wish. I told him I had and he simply replied that it was his wish too.

With that, he got down on one knee and out came the ring.


There was nothing special about our back-garden location, there was nothing special about the weather, there was really nothing special about our fire lighting skills. But every element of that moment is burned into my memory forever. It is the happy place I return to whenever I’m feeling a little down.

Indeed, the only downside of the whole experience, is that I have now lost my free time to wedding planning and a whole horde of brilliant wedding planning websites. There is a really useful survey published in Bride Magazine ran by Festive Lights on wedding planning tips, which I found to be an invaluable and helpful resource. It guides you into choosing theme, ambiance and atmosphere by considering to use clever lighting to create intimate and romantic space around you and your guests on the night.

Now, my main issue is trying to figure out how we’ll get the snow, the festive lights and the failed fire into our wedding reception plans.

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