Lazer Cut Cupcake Wrappers and Place cards

I really like these sent to me by Carl from Paper Fiction, perfect for a hen, or for the wedding ….
butterfly name place cardbutterfly cardLazer cut cupcake wrappersLazer Cut Cupcake Wrapper Lazer Cut Cake Wrapper Butterflies
Brides and Grooms can personalise the lazer designs with names or something that is special to them. Don’t be put off by the fact that prices are quoted in $ (it always is on Etsy) Paper Fiction is based in London and all the products are produced here in the UK. If you want to have a look at whats on offer check out the Paper Fiction shop on Etsy or you can contact Carl direct via email If you’re looking to buy in bulk then you should be able to negotiate a discount. Make sure that you mention Little Miss Wedding to get your 10% discount.

* “Perfect accent for the bridal shower I’m throwing… love!”
* “Thank you; you’ve been super easy to work with. You’re one of the few sellers who genuinely wants your customer to be satisfied.”
* “Great seller who went out of there way to create a custom order for me and the bride loves the wrappers! Thanks again, would definitely use again.”

What do you think guys? Fun idea?…


These are amazing! The lazer cut patterns look really elegant and sophisticated!

It’s such a simple and easy way to add a lot of fun and style to a wedding. I’ll have to log this idea for my own.

It’s amazing that a bit of paper can end up looking so beautiful. So fine and delicate. Great so a spring or summer wedding. Just hope they don’t fly away! – Cas ;)

great idea, and how you can personalise it suit your wedding designs and theme. Im also amazed at the intricacy of the cutting. We had a Cupcake wedding cake and this would have been perfect!!!

Sooooo pretty! I love the cupcake wrappers from this site too.

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