Its all about the LOVE

I’m a hopeless romantic – you only have to say the word ‘LOVE’ and I start melting into a happy haze. I also ‘love’ supporting british designers and suppliers on LMW so I thought that I would post this little melange of loveliness that I found on Vintage Amethsyt – an online shop selling lots of vintage arts and crafts. These are perfect little touches to include on your wedding day, use them to decorate the reception, on the tables, or to help style your table plan.

Love Collage

These are incredibly good value at start at only £4.50 for the lovely willow heart and go up to £30 for the silver LOVE letters. Oh I love this site, Vintage Amethyst I am so glad that I just stumbled upon it (via Twitter) – I’ve just had a quick look at her blog which is equally lovely.

What do you think? Are these the sort of accessories that you would use for decorating your venue? Or would you just like to hang one of those lovely willow hearts above your bed? (I’m getting carried away now…)

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