How we Saved the Date!

The first DIY task that I tackled was our Save the Date cards. Since we are getting married on Easter Saturday, many people we know often go away for an Easter break, as we ourselves did this year, so we wanted to make sure they all knew to keep the weekend free.

Front of Save the Date card

As soon as we got engaged I knew I would want to make all of our stationery myself. I started thinking about ideas almost straight away but as I was in the middle of my professional exams to become an Architect, I didn’t start making them until my exams were over and I had passed, which was in March this year, almost a year before the big day.

However, this didn’t stop me collecting everything I needed to make the Save the Date cards. Having looked at hundreds of ideas in magazines, on blogs and wedding websites, I knew I wanted to incorporate different layers, purple card, vellum paper, ribbon and some stamping! I decided against magnets or folded cards early on and went for a small credit card sized card which I thought would be the most simple! 

I actually bought the ribbon in Kate’s Paperie in New York, the day after we got engaged. Luckily my aunt and uncle went to New York in May this year and they were able to get me more ribbon to use on the invites! Although I couldn’t get any more of the purple card, I managed to find a company who had almost the same colour to use for the invitations.

Save the Dates

You can find a full list of the items we used and where we got them on my blog – OurDaybyDesign

Although I really enjoyed making the save the date cards, they were so time consuming! They were only A7 size cards but this actually caused a few problems when I was trying to print onto the white paper. They kept getting stuck in the printer which was so frustrating! Of course, when it worked well it was fine! Since I wanted to use the purple card as a backing but also wanted to incorporate vellum, I ended up with the 3 layer design. I couldn’t stick the paper and card together until I had stamped the paper and let it dry which added to the time it took.

However, the most time consuming part was punching the slots to put the ribbon through which also secured the vellum layer! I hadn’t considered the thickness of the card and when the paper was stuck down it made it even harder to punch. The making memories slot punching tool I used was great but I think I expected to be able to use it really quickly like a hole punch when in reality I had to use a lot of pressure. So much so that I actually broke the first slot punching tool attachment and had to buy another full set!

Complete with Envelope Back

So although I knew I would want the wedding invites to follow the same theme, straight away there was no chance of ribbon slot punching being incorporated again! I am using the purple card in pocketfolds for the day invites and gatefold cards for the evening invites. The original paper I used has a sparkling iridescent quality which I definitely wanted to use again, especially since the purple card and the grey backing card I added are flat matt colours. I also managed to find a different larger stamp which has the same sort of motif, as I thought the original one was too small for the invitations. I am using the same colour of ink again so that it looks the same.

Then of course, the ribbons will also be used, again at the left side of the invite so I can continue with the text on the right. I decided not to use a vellum overlay on the invites but instead started thinking about other ways to incorporate transparent paper. I considered going for a bellyband made of vellum but went off that idea when I started thinking about how I would close it neatly and the size required since the previous vellum used only came in A4 sheets! I decided to use grey ribbon for the bellyband to contrast with the purple card which works a lot better and is great since I do love ribbon! So in the end I have decided to go with vellum envelopes as that way the gorgeous purple card and grey ribbon can be seen as soon as they arrive through our guest’s letterboxes!

Despite them taking much longer than anticipated, all of the guests really liked them and thought they looked great which makes it all worthwhile! I hope they say the same about the wedding invites, which you can see a sneak peek of them below! I planned to get all of the printing, stamping, backing cards & ribbon put on the day invites before I go on holiday on Saturday but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have done 36, with another 12 at least printed which only leaves another 10 to do. However, we still have plenty time as we are not planning to send them out until January. Looks like I will be busy over Christmas!

Invite Mock-up Inside

Invite Mock-up Outside

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Thanks Gaynor for sharing… sounds like a lot of love, hard work and devotion went in to making your Save the Dates, but as you said its all worthwhile when you get lovely comments from your guests. We LOVE DIY…..looking forward to hearing more about your wedding plans!

So much hard work but for such a great result!

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