How to Throw a James Bond Themed Party

It is one of the biggest film franchises in cinema history and it is the backbone of British cinema. The next James Bond film will not be out before October next year, but that does not mean that you have to wait until then to throw an amazing party.

james-bond-1015612_640The rich history of James Bond portrayed in twenty-six movies provides a very rich canvas for you to base a party on. You can go for the exotic beach theme, a space-based them or you could simply go for the classic casino theme.

Here’s some ideas to help you out:

Casino Royale

It was one of the first James Bond books Ian Fleming ever wrote and has only just been made into a movie, so it is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Setting up a casino in your home is easier than you would think, you will need the usual¬†table games, like roulette and poker. Once you have the basics, the rest is just window dressing and a tuxedo.


If you want to push the boat out and have a really out of this world themed party, the Moonraker film is the prime candidate. Set in space on a MIR like space station, you can have your guests arrive in fancy dress and then theme all of your food and drink around space objects. One really easy suggestion is to try making Rocket Fuel instead of punch.

Gadgets Galore

Every James Bond has had a trip to their Quater Master and have been present with a series of gadgets, which just so happen to come in very handy when they are needed. Have a competition to see who can make the most pointless gadget or the best beer inspired gadget. Not only will you and your guests have fun coming up with the ideas but you’ll all enjoy trying each other’s out at the party.


Honey Ryder, Pussy Galore, Plenty O’Toole and Mary Goodnight are all great names for Bond girls, but they are just the tip of the iceberg and we all know that we could do better. Theme your party around the pun inspired names from the Bond films. Ask your guests to come up with their own names for the evening and then to create a fancy dress which goes with their names. They will spend the whole evening living up to their new character’s back stories and their names.

When you look at the world of James Bond; the possibilities are really endless. He has been on every continent and in almost every imaginable situation. You could choose any one of his films to base a party on, or just be very open and let people choose any character from any of the films. Who knows, there might be a lot of laughs in choosing the most obscure characters. But we’re not sure we would really recognise the man who held open the door to the satellite dish.

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