How to save money on wedding food 

Food can be incredibly expensive at a wedding. From having a sit down meal that costs a fortune, to organising an outdoor barbecue underneath gazebos, it’ll cost tremendous amounts of money if you’re not careful.

In this article we will look carefully at ways in which you can save money on food at your wedding. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll have plenty of tips in your arsenal that you can use to make sure this part of your budget is manageable.

Your first job as regards saving money is to try and pick a venue that allows outside catering. This is catering that is carried out by a third party, not the hotel itself. This means you can shop around and find a provider that offers a really good deal for catering.

This works particularly well when you have a hotel as a venue. Hotels are notorious for offering very expensive prices per head for food. If you can find a hotel that allows outside caterers, you’re most likely to find a good deal that saves you money in the long run. If you have hundreds of guests arriving, this could save you literally thousands of pounds.

For a more fun approach to wedding food, consider using stations for food. This is where you sort out stations in the room itself for different varieties of food, and different delicacies. For example, one part of the room could be for Italian dishes, while the other could be for more traditional English food. This ensures that lots of different tastes are accommodated, and that people have more fun when they eat then they would with the traditional menu that is dictated by a hotel for example.

One of the more interesting variations that has come up in recent years is the opportunity to serve food family style.  This is where the entire group at a wedding reception has one big order and food is literally passed around a large table or number of tables.

It makes for a great family atmosphere. It is not always easy to pull off, especially if the hotel, for example, is resistant to the idea. But if you do get an opportunity to have a family style meal, you’ll be surprised at the great atmosphere that this brings.

Because you have invited family and friends to the wedding, it makes perfect sense to try this if you’re able to do so. It also offers plenty of good packages financially as well, so it may well be cheaper than other options.

Consider the options above if you want to have more fun or a more cost-effective food solution for your wedding reception. There are plenty of ways around the problem, but the ideas in this article can also be fun, as well as cost-cutting.

Always remember to think about your guests first and foremost when you’re planning the food at a wedding. It is one of the aspects of the wedding guests will talk about for years to come, so do your best to get it right.

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