How to Plan a Perfect Indian Wedding in the UK

Today, you can have an Indian wedding anywhere in the world. In fact, most people incorporate two to three different wedding themes to have a unique and stylish wedding ceremony. Are you planning to have an Indian-themed wedding? You can make your wedding colourful by using an Indian wedding theme. Here are great ideas on how to plan an Indian wedding.


Indian wedding decor

The beauty of any wedding lies in the decoration. Have the best wedding by hiring an event decorator. An Indian wedding is characterised by lights, flowers, specialty table linen and chiavari chairs. Choose an Indian theme that complements your favourite colour. Discuss your decor ideas with the event decorator to have your dream wedding.

Indian food and drinks

There are specific foods and drinks commonly found at Indian weddings. When preparing for the budget, consider the number of guests. Food is usually prepared in a buffet style. The best way to honour the union of an Indian marriage is a banana leaf feast. All dishes served to guests are vegetarian. You also need to include traditional Indian foods such as laddo and payasam. While some couples prefer their relatives to prepare the food, most couples hire catering services, which is less-stressful, yet still affordable.


Hire an Indian wedding venue

There are many wedding venues for hire in the UK. However, an Indian wedding can only be held at a suitable venue. Make sure that you hire one of the best Indian wedding venues. These venues are spacious to hold a large number of guests. Consider the proximity of the venue for your guests. A perfect venue should be in a central and accessible location. Most importantly, make sure that you book your preferred venue as early as possible. These venues are in high demand, and only available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Stick to your budget

Indian weddings can be expensive. However, you can cut down on the costs by prioritising the main items. A great idea is to hire a wedding planner. A professional Indian wedding planner will help you plan a wedding within your budget. Among the things to consider in your budget should be food and drinks, wedding venue, wedding attire, decorations, entertainment and transport costs.


These tips will help you plan a simple, colourful and affordable Indian wedding. Have your dream wedding by starting your plans as early as possible. You can start shopping for a venue as early as six months before your wedding day. Plan a stress-free wedding ceremony by involving a wedding planner. You can have a well-organised wedding ceremony by limiting your guest list to a certain number of invitations.

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