How To Find Out If The Diamond In The Engagement Ring Is Real Or Fake

When putting money down on a diamond engagement ring, being certain of its authenticity is a must. Just as with anything, not knowing what to look for when shopping for a high-ticket item can lead you down all the wrong paths.

hands-2705251_640So many people want to surprise their loved ones with massive engagement rings but don’t know where to start. Finding somewhere you can trust is essential when buying diamond engagement rings. This is why we have crafted this article to let you know what to look out for when spotting a ring is real or fake.


With Magnification

Using magnification from a jeweller’s loupe or a simple microscope can help you closely observe the diamond and see whether it’s real or fake. When using a magnifying glass, you can see the stone through the bezel on the crown.

If it’s a true diamond, you will see only a single refraction which means you’ll see one of each facet line. This is a great test to carry out even if the diamond has passed the heat test as the stone may still be a moissanite. Even though this is still a scarce and rare material, it’s not a diamond so it’s always good to double check.  

The Water Test

This test is simpler and can be done without any specialist equipment in the comfort of your own home. Simply take a glass and fill it with water only ¾ of the way. Softly put the stone into the water. Real gemstones sink and fake ones will float under the surface telling you it’s a fake.

The Breath Test

Hold your diamond between two fingers and let out a strong puff of air. This will cause a soft fog to appear from the warmth of your breath. When it’s a real diamond, you will see the fogginess go away almost instantly. When it’s a counterfeit, the fog will linger for longer. A true diamond gets rid of the fog quickly as they are good heat conductors.

Using UV Light

Shining UV light onto the diamond will help you determine its realness to an extent. This is because when a diamond comes into contact with UV light it will normally emit a blue glow. However, some real diamonds do not glow so this test should never be final.

The Newspaper Test

As we mentioned in the magnifying glass test, the refractivity of the stone will be a huge sign of its authenticity. The refraction basically means the diamonds ability to refract light which is what causes its alluring sparkle. When light it’s the angles at the lower half they get bounced higher to the top of the diamonds edges.

You can carry out a simple ‘Newspaper test’ at home to determine the diamonds authentic based on its refraction. Place the diamond onto a newspaper where there’s lots of texts. You should be able to see the letters underneath if the diamond is real. If they are even a little blurry then you have a fake on your hands.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in choosing an authentic diamond that is well worth the money.