How to Buy a Wedding Ring: A Man’s Guide

I’d like to think that most of us women know what kind of wedding band we want on our fingers. For men, however, it’s not something that comes naturally. After all the stress of buying an engagement ring, it’s hardly a surprise! In fact, many guys out there have quite a bit of trouble finding their perfect ring. With this in mind, I thought I would break things down for any men out there who need a little help. Or, those women who are struggling to get their future husbands to begin looking. Let’s get started.


Get measured!

You can look all you like through jewellery shop windows. But, you won’t ever start the process for real until you get your finger measured. There are online tools for doing so, or you can pop into your local jewellers to get a personal fitting. It’s something nice you can do together, too – and it will give you the impetus you need to start making better decisions.

One small tip – don’t get a measurement when you are too hot or cold. Both will give you a false reading. Also, if you are stuck between two sizes, go for the bigger size. It will be more comfortable to have a ring that is a little loose rather than squeezing your finger all the time.

What metal?

Choosing the metal is the most important aspect of buying a wedding ring for many people. Platinum is the rarest of all precious metals used for rings – and it’s the most durable, too. Platinum rings tend to be stunning to look at, and they hardly ever corrode – perfect, then, for a lifetime or more. They are, though, expensive.



If you are looking for a more affordable option, try mens titanium rings. They have incredible strength and are the perfect ring for men who work in trades or do a lot with their hands. Avoid silver or any of the golds if you are active. They are soft metals and will dent and scratch. Some people like that battered look, which is fine – but be aware if you want to keep your wedding band in perfect condition.

Choose the style!

OK, so I don’t believe anyone should feel they have to stick to traditions when it comes to buying their wedding ring. You can choose whatever you like – as long as both sides of the partnership are happy! You can be as unique as you like. However, if you want to go down the traditional route, you have a few options.

There’s the Classic Court, which is probably the most comfortable style to wear. It’s almost entirely rounded and very smooth on the finger. The D-shape has a flat interior and gives you a tighter fit – perfect for any men out there who lead an active lifestyle. Flat rings are flat on the inside and outside. Be wary of getting these if you do a lot with your hands, as the shape can often catch on clothing or machinery, for example. Finally, you have a Flat Court – it’s flat on the outside and rounded inside. So, there’s a nice balance, and it’s a comfortable and stylish choice.

I hope you have enjoyed this little guide to buying a men’s wedding ring. At the end of the day, the choice is yours – but these tips should help you get started!