How To Budget For And Get The Most For A Diamond Ring

Whether you’re about to pop the big question or you want to buy your beloved a special diamond ring, no doubt you’re on a mission to find the perfect ring. Since it is a big purchase, you need to plan ahead to find something she will love, and your wallet will be happy with. Here are some tips to stretch your budget when buying a diamond ring.


  • Discuss the Budget

Before you even start shopping for a ring, discuss your budget and finances. Try to come to an agreement on a realistic amount to spend.

  • Plan Your Purchase

Based on the information that you gather, you can begin planning your purchase with a few things in mind:

  • Take time to save up before making the purchase.
  • Always start with a budget in mind.
  • There are no rules of thumb for buying diamond rings.
  • Determine her taste before you shop.
  • Think about her lifestyle and job to pick a ring that is practical.
  • Think about different options, like other gemstones or different colour diamonds. Ringleaders offer the largest range of diamond rings in Brisbane so make sure to check what they have on offer.
  • Choose the Stone

Diamonds are the most common stones for rings, but there are a wide range of other options that are just as fashionable and sentimental. If your budget doesn’t yet stretch to a diamond, you may want to think about other options, such as:

  • Coloured gemstones – Coloured stones like emeralds and sapphires are popular choices for rings and are just a fraction of the price, too.
  • Moissanite – This is an almost colourless gem and another good alternative. The gem looks more sparkly and is more durable and resistant making it ideal for wearers who are hard with their hands.
  • Keep the C’s in Mind

Besides the typical 4 Cs of diamonds, there are a few others to consider that can really help you to stretch that budget. Firstly, cost is the big one. Try to do everything within your power to stick to your budget. So, don’t get too attached to a certain diamond or ring and never, ever, rush into a purchasing decision. Also, keep in mind that gems that have certification are a good buy as the certificate guarantees the 4 C’s and a range of other characteristics.

  • Know How to Shop

Never start shopping for a diamond ring without the above points. Things can quickly become daunting and you may just come across a pushy salesperson who entices you to buy something over budget or inferior.

Once you’ve gone over these tips, browse the internet for different options that you think the intended wearer will adore and then start seriously shopping. If you decide to purchase the diamond ring online, it’s still worth visiting stores to know what different diamonds look like.

Always check out the online retailer’s returns, exchanges and refunds policies, too, and don’t forget to take out insurance on the ring since it is a hefty and valuable purchase.