How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding

In the sea of cutesy, cheesy ceremonies, it’s a little difficult to distinguish one wedding from another. How do we make our own into something unique, something that fits both of you as a couple and yet makes all the guests feel comfortable and happy? Well, here we come to your aid. Want to make your big day as special and as memorable as possible? Then read on for a few cool suggestions.


Unique bouquet

The bouquet is a very important detail of the ceremony, but you don’t actually have to use real flowers to make it pretty. Why not have them make you gorgeous paper roses from the pages of your favourite book? Or maybe you could use maps of the countries that you want to visit with your sweetheart instead? Or maybe you could make a bouquet with photos of you and your partner attached to it? The best thing is, a bouquet such as this can last a lifetime and later be used as decoration – whether you decide to have a bouquet toss or keep it for yourself is up to you.


Have a wedding theme

Are you and your darling a little nerdy? Then why not pick a theme for your wedding that reflects your favourite obsession – Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, go all in and wear costumes and put up special decorations. Even if you’re not particularly nerdy, picking a theme has some unique aesthetic benefits – go for a pin-up vibe, or maybe 20s and jazz, or maybe nature in bloom. This will make for some truly stunning photos.

wedding theme

Enjoy different fashion

You don’t have to wear a pristine white wedding dress if you don’t want to. It’s totally okay to make your own traditions and indulge your love for fashion. You can keep it subtle and still wear some creamy, light dress, but you can also simply wear a well-tailored pantsuit, or slap a leather jacket over your dress to look like a punk princess. Wear Converse on your feet, wear a puffy ball gown, wear a tiara, wear your favourite lush cashmere sweater – the outfit is there to make you happy. This is one thing about that is exclusively yours and no one else’s, not even your partner’s.

wed fashion

Let the invitations reflect your personality

The invitations are something all guests will get to keep and look at a few years later, remembering the entire event all over again. You want to make sure that you have truly beautiful wedding invitations that simply show off your and your partner’s uniqueness. Pick them out together and make sure the wording is sweet and lovely.


Travel somewhere

Hey, if you can afford it, go for it. Why not travel to the romantic cathedrals of Paris, or sunny beaches of Australia? Maybe you want to go to Romania and get married in Dracula’s castle! Take your guests on an adventure to another country and there’s no way in hell that they’ll ever forget the experience.

Fun food options

While expensive French cuisine is unique on its own, we can bet that having a pasta table will leave your guests pleasantly surprised. Everybody loves pasta (especially kids), and you can make various different dishes for everyone’s taste. Another cool thing would be a lemonade stand (run by your favourite niece), or maybe an ice cream station where guests get to pick their flavour and the toppings. Personalized dessert is also a really cool idea – either cookies with yours and your partner’s name or them or even go a step further and make a custom little cookie for each guest you invited.

wedding food

Gift bags for guests

A small bottle of wine, or a little bag with toiletries, or maybe a decorated scented candle – gift bags don’t have to be anything major at all, but sweet, tiny gifts will look very thoughtful and make everyone smile.

Don’t forget that this wedding is all about celebrating love, being close to those you care for, and simply having fun! If you’ve always wanted to do something special, then do it! It’s your big day, and you make all the rules.

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