Here’s How You Say “I Do” in England

According to data published by the Office of National Statistics, around 245,000 marriages took place in England and Wales in 2014 between opposite sex couples, representing an increase of 2.7% from the previous year. Moreover, 4,850 marriages between same sex couples were held in the same year, despite the fact that such weddings were only permitted by law from March 29, 2014.


The UK is full of the most spectacular places, such as the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, to make your special day even more special. However, you do need to pay attention to some details of the wedding, including the budget and advance booking of the venue and related legal requirements. Experts at Holiday Inn Luton South, suggest that couples choose wedding venues in Luton that offer a team of planners working to create just the right ambiance for your wedding, making your wedding day perfect and uniquely yours.

Popular Trends in UK Weddings

According to a report, UK Wedding Statistics 2017, 28 years is the most popular age to get married in the country, while most couples spent an average of 4 years together before they decide to tie the knot. The report goes on to say that when couples get married, 11% don’t waste any time updating their relationship status on social media, which is done within an hour, while 35% update it within 24 hours of getting engaged!

What is most interesting about the weddings of 2017 is the DIY trend, which has prompted nearly half of the couples to do their own decorations for the wedding. In fact, 40% of the couples invested their time and energy in making their own wedding cake too.



Rustic, woodland, classic, traditional, vintage-inspired weddings remained the most popular wedding themes for the year. However, there were 21% couples who had varied wedding themes, with 14% opting for the unusual ‘Geek,’ ‘Gothic,’ ‘Disney,’ ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Dr Who’ kind of theme.

When it comes to choosing colour schemes, more than 70% went for the traditional white, ivory or champagne, while 20% wanted to add colours to their wedding, with purple being their primary wedding colour.

How Do You Get Married in England?

Once you make up your mind to tie the knot, the first thing you should do is give notice at your local registrar’s office, at least 28 full days before the wedding date. The notice will be publicly displayed in the registration office for the next 28 days. After this period is over, you can have a civil or religious ceremony.

However, if you are not a resident of England and Wales, you need to apply for a marriage visitor visa, which is good for six months. To get the visa, the couple needs to present their valid passport from their country of citizenship. The couple will also need to prove their financial solvency, including the details of their stay in England and return to their home country.

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