Have you thought about a wedding planner?

Hi I’m Julie Dawson from The Wedding Genie and I am thrilled to be featured on Little Miss Wedding. As my company name suggests I provide wedding planning services that can be used as and when you want them. One of the most useful services you can employ a wedding planner for, is to coordinate your wedding day. Sometimes couples are not aware that this is an option; they think we have to plan the whole day. Some of us, and I for sure specialise in “On The Day Coordination”.

Wedding celebration

If you are anything like me, planning my own wedding was like embarking on the most fabulous journey ever. Even though I was not a typical “wedding person” I became totally enthralled from beginning to end. At times it completely took over my life and I forgot why I was getting married in the first place. Sometimes my budget became a life force all of its own threatening to get bigger than the national debt! But, on the happy day I had the most fabulous time and I can really say as most brides do, it was the best day of my life!
But!! Is there a but? Yes, my only regret was not having enough help in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself. I spent the weeks before chasing round after suppliers, making sure everyone was happy and that everything was just so. Your wedding party can help but if you are like me I wanted to spend time with them and not have them running round after everyone. I had spent months planning for everyone to enjoy themselves.

In doing so, the day before the wedding I was so stressed when I should have been chilled out spending time with my closest friends and family that it really threatened to overshadow my big day. Luckily I am a person who loves lists and organising so I managed to juggle everything and still enjoy my day. Although big chunks of it were spent worrying about if the tables looked ok, had the flowers arrived, how were the cakes arranged? Its no lie when everyone tells you that your wedding day flies by, it certainly does. My food threatened to be ruined because we spent too much time taking photographs, no one really was pointing out times etc.

Wedding Flower bouquet

That’s when I thought I thought of The Wedding Genie, a company that specialised in “On The Day Coordination”. Couples could handover their plans a month before the wedding. Sheer bliss, I meet you at the venue if possible with the venue staff there. We go through everything and I take a list of all the suppliers and plans. After that you can sit back and pamper yourselves in the run up to the wedding. I contact everyone to double check arrangements and give my couples weekly updates so they can be sure everything is on track. You also have an email and phone buddy just in case you start to worry. My brides can wake up on their wedding day, take off their watches and enjoy every single minute whilst I organise everything behind the scenes. You may have a venue coordinator, but generally although they are great, their responsibility is to look after the food and wine. Mine is to completely look after you.

On the day I greet all the suppliers; create a timeline so everyone knows what to do. I even greet your guests, if you don’t mind, and bring my emergency kit. It contains everything from suntan lotion; batteries and umbrellas to battery operated fans in case it’s hot, and even spare tights etc. If anything goes wrong it’s my job to sort it out so that you don’t even know about it.
A friend of mine in the wedding industry has a brilliant saying; a Wedding Coordinator should be the guardian of your wedding day vision. This is exactly my philosophy. Its also affordable and I don’t mind travelling. In fact to help out with your budget anyone who books this service and mentions Little Miss Wedding will receive a 10% discount.
If you are not convinced about a coordinator, my best advice is to delegate!!! Get your bridesmaids to help, give them each something to do and brief them before the wedding day. Ask your best man and ushers to help re seating and photographs. Make sure you are not running around, you need to be calm and enjoy your day and luxuriate in getting ready, concentrate on enjoying every minute, its speeds by like a train. You planned it!! Please enjoy it!

I wish you all a fantastic wedding planning journey, the wedding day you truly wish for, and health wealth and happiness during your marriage.
All photos in this post are provided by Wedding Genie. Please do visit my website to find out more about me, Julie Dawson and my wedding planning services at The Wedding Genie.


Great blog post Julie! We used a wedding planner for our wedding and I have to say it was worth every penny! Our planner helped with both the preparations beforehand and the on the day coordination and her help was wonderful.

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