Guide to gold for wedding rings

Gold is the most popular metal for wedding rings. It’s the choice for those who want a traditional or classic look or simply prefer wearing a yellow metal to white.

Gold is available in a range of purity levels as well as different colors. If you’re planning your wedding and want to know about the different choices on the market before choosing your rings from a specialist store such as , here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular options.

18k gold rings

Whilst there are 22k and even solid 24k gold wedding rings on the market, the purity levels mean that they are often too soft for everyday use. This makes 18k the highest level of gold karat which can be worn without worry of constant damage as well as the premium purity in terms of value. At 75% pure gold, rings of this calibre are often more expensive than other metals but are the top choice for those who want elegance and quality.

As well as the traditional yellow gold, both rose and white gold in 18k are just as durable and are an excellent idea for anyone wanting luxury and durability.

14k gold rings

In the last two decades, 14k white gold has become the number one choice for men’s wedding rings. It’s also the top pick for gold engagement rings and this seems to be due to the emergence of popularity in wearing white metal jewelry generally.

Wearing 14k gold is great for anyone who wants a wedding ring which has extra durability as there is a lower level of purity but looks as good as 18k. A combination of 58.3% gold and a number of other base metals such as palladium, copper, nickel and silver, it is very popular for designs which incorporate other elements such as titanium or tungsten into the band.

Yellow gold

The market now has a number of metals available for stunning wedding rings and whilst white gold has become particularly popular, yellow gold has never gone out of fashion. The choice of those who want classic quality, there will always be a beautiful selection of yellow gold rings in every jewelry store.

Rose gold

A rarely available metal in the past, rose gold is now becoming much more widely available option. Couples who like vintage-style rings find rose gold particularly pleasing to the eye and it’s often used in bespoke designs. It’s a metal which has stunning luster and an enchanting beauty and can often be seen combined in autumnal leaf designs alongside yellow and white gold.

Men’s gold wedding rings

There are now a number of new metals such as titanium, tungsten and even stainless steel which are available for men’s wedding rings but gold is still the first choice for the majority of grooms. White gold is especially favored and over the last five years or so, many designers have started to set diamonds into the bands with the result being that many are predicting that this combination of ice white of the gold and brilliant illumination of the gemstones will soon be the most popular combination for men’s wedding rings.