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Sonia is the lady behind british jewellery company, Gioia Mia – she creates beautiful, bespoke, handmade jewellery and accessories – everything from tiaras, hairpins and necklaces to bracelets and earrings. Her work is regularly featured in the wedding magazine, Scottish Wedding directory so she definitely deserves a shout out on LMW.Gioia Mia tiara combVintage Hair Piece

* What gave you the inspiration to set the company up?
I established Gioia Mia in 2004, after designing and making all the jewellery and hair accessories for a bride, her bridesmaids and flower girls.
I had been making things for as long as I can remember – usually the sorts of things which were so small and intricate that they would drive most other people to distraction. Over the years, people told me repeatedly I had an amazing imagination and such incredible patience for working on so small a scale.
From the very beginning, I loved the process of working collaboratively with my friend who was getting married. She had brought her own vision, her own energy, I added my imagination and skills into the mix to design and create a series of unique pieces which, however, all belonged together. She absolutely loved them and I was really touched to hear that so many people had commented on my work at the wedding, saying how unusual it had been, how beautifully designed it was and how well finished it all was. I had enjoyed the whole process so much that it seemed the most natural thing in the world to want to repeat it, and so Gioia Mia, bespoke jewellery and accessories, was born.
From that point I continued to expand my knowledge of jewellery-making techniques, and in 2007 I moved into a bright, top-floor studio space which I share with painters and other jewellers. I now receive commissions from throughout the UK (as well as from further afield) and my work is regularly featured in bridal magazines.
Vicki (photo by Ksenia Kamotskaia)
Photo by Ksenia Kamotskaia

Have a look at her site, Gioia Mia, where there is lots more info on Sonia and her accessories, including pricing (its very good value from what I can see). Isn’t this photo above gorgeous with the bride wearing Gioia Mia hair accessories?


Cheers for the heads up, the stuff looks beautiful! :)

Truly beautiful, so delicate and special – Gioia Mia obviously has a talented eye and a gifted ability. Great picture, too. X

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